Can Cats Eat Celery?

Can Cats Eat Celery?

Cats are probably the most curious creatures on the planet. Compared to other pets, cats just love to get into everything. From boxes, closets, under beds, under car hoods, you name it and a cat has probably been there. Food is no exception.

If your cat is like mine, then you better believe they will jump on the table without permission just to sniff your plate or to see what you are eating. Greens are a popular food to a curious cat.

Not all food is safe for cats to eat, but what about celery? Can cats eat celery? The answer to this question is yes. Most definitely. Cats can eat celery in moderation without side effects.

Not only is it safe for your cat to eat celery, but celery also provides quite a few health benefits that not too many people know about.

Is Celery Safe for Cats?

Celery is indeed safe for cats to eat. Your cat is allowed to have celery in moderation and in small amounts. There are many cats that show interest in the celery leaves. Some cats react to the celery leaves the same as catnip. They also enjoy rubbing their face and whiskers on the leaves and they may even roll on them.

Does Celery Benefit Your Cat’s Health?

Celery does benefit your cat’s health. It contains a substantial amount of fiber as well as nutrients and vitamins which are worthwhile to a cat’s diet. Celery also has diuretic properties which can help flush out your cats system and help aid in proper kidney function.

One of the precautions to take when giving your cat celery is the amount you give them. Too much of this leafy green vegetable can give your cat a stomach ache. In worse scenarios, it can even cause diarrhea in your cat. If your cat starts to show signs of stomach discomfort or diarrhea, the best thing to do is counter this with probiotics.

FERA Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics with enzymes can help your cat’s digestive tract when they are experiencing negative side effects. This probiotic by FERA is an excellent supplement to help cats with stomach or digestive problems.

Do Cats Like Celery or Other Vegetables?

You have to remember that cats are carnivorous animals. They are born and made to hunt and eat meat to survive. This means that cats do not necessarily need to eat fruits and vegetables like humans do. They are able to survive just fine with protein and fat from whatever they hunt.

Most green vegetables do not sit well in cat’s stomachs which is why it is recommended to only feed your cat celery in small amounts. Some cats will enjoy eating celery while others will despise it. If you find your cat does not like to eat any types of vegetables, do not force them to eat it since it’s not natural for them to eat vegetables in the first place.

Do Cats Like the Smell of Celery?

Cats have a very strong sense of smell compared to humans. They can pick up on a lot of different scents than we can. In general, cat’s are not really affected by the smell of celery. There are however, certain smells that cats despise. One of these smells is citrus fruits. Citrus fruits like oranges are a natural cat repellent. It works so well at repelling cats that it is actually one of the main ingredients in almost every cat repelling spray on the market. If you would like to know if it’s safe for cats to drink orange juice or eat oranges, please read my full article.

Will Celery Leaves Hurt Cats?

Celery leaves will not hurt your cat. The worse thing that can happens is they will have an upset stomach if they eat one too many of the leaves. Some cats respond to celery leaves in the same response to catnip. Catnip causes cats to go “crazy” for about 10 minutes or so. Your cat may respond to the leaves by rolling over, running around, and just generally acting hyperactive. This is not the same response for all cats and your cat may be perfectly normal when exposed to celery leaves.

Can Cats Drink Celery Juice?

Most definitely. Juicing is starting to become popular for both dogs and cats alike. Juicing definitely has health benefits for your cat. The main precaution you must take when giving your cat celery juice is that you must remember that juice is very concentrated. When your cat drinks a small amount of celery, it can be equivalent to eating almost a whole stick of celery.

It’s best to first test your cat’s tolerance to this vegetable by starting them out with very small amounts. You can gradually give your cat more celery juice as long as there are no side effects like upset stomach or vomiting. Always consult a professional if you are planning on putting your cat on a special diet.

Final Thoughts

Cats can definitely eat celery and benefit from it. The high source of fiber and vitamins are a good supplement to a healthy cat diet. Celery will also help aid in kidney function due to its natural diuretic effect. Just be sure to have a clean litter box nearby for your cat to go to the bathroom in. With almost all things in life, everything is good in moderation. If you plan on adding celery to part of your cat’s diet, remember to only feed them small amounts and not everyday.

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