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I have always had cats, both growing up and now as an adult. I have been a pet behavioral therapist for a number of years now. I started this blog to help other cat owners, with advice, tips, best product reviews, and to create a warm and cat friendly community.

Can Cats Eat Kale? Feline Nutrition Made Simple

By Phil

Many cat owners wonder if they can include vegetables in their cats’ diets. Vegetables like kale can be a great way to supplement your cat’s meals and boost their overall health. It’s essential to know which vegetables are safe for your feline friends and how to introduce them to their diet. Kale is a popular […]

Can Cats Eat Arugula? Feline-Friendly Greens Explained

By Phil

Arugula, a flavorful and nutrient-rich leafy green, often finds its way onto our plates in salads and sandwiches. But can cats also enjoy this tasty green? Good news for cat owners – the answer is yes, cats can eat arugula. However, there are some essential things to consider before incorporating it into your feline friend’s […]

75 Swedish Cat Names [Male and Female]

By Phil

Are you thinking about choosing a Swedish name for your kitten? Well, where do I begin? First of all, Swedish names have a certain je ne sais quoi that just can’t be replicated by names from other countries. Maybe it’s the way they roll off the tongue, or the unique combination of letters that make […]

Why Do Cats Scream When Mating – and What Can You Do About it?

By Phil

Anyone who’s heard it would agree that the sound of a cat’s scream whenever the feline is mating is rather annoying, to say the least. The sound is unmistakable, haunting, and loud enough to wake you up in the middle of the night! And the worst part is, the screams are relentless and it seems […]

Why Do Cats’ Eyes Glow?

By Phil

Do cats really capture and hold sunlight in their eyes to serve as a light source during the night or is there a scientific explanation for these felines’ glowing eyes? Ancient Egyptians believed that cats are magical creatures. The felines were so special that killing one was even considered a crime punishable by death. Indeed, […]

Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets? Do You Need to Worry?

By Phil

If you’ve noticed your cat has a habit of sucking on blankets, do you need to worry? Is it a sign of a problem or is it completely normal in household felines? The answer to why cats suck on blankets is not as simple as it seems. Some cats simply like the feeling, while for […]

Why Do Cats’ Tongues Feel Like Sandpaper

By Phil

Should your cat ever choose to lick your hand, it is not a pleasant experience. Whereas a dog doing so is like a sloppy wet kiss, a cat licking the hand is like it ran a sheet of sandpaper across your skin. This texture has evolved to serve a number of useful functions which we […]

Why Do Cats Chase Their Tails?

By Phil

We have all seen kittens that appear to be fighting and chasing their tail, and If you have a kitten and it is chasing its tail, then you will dismiss this as normal (cute) behavior, but what if it’s an adult cat? It may be that you just have a crazy cat who likes to […]

Why Do Cats Attack Pregnant Women?

By Phil

There’s a common notion that cats seem to be aggressive toward pregnant women. From hissing and stalking to downright scratching and biting, cats seem to want to attack pregnant women even when unprovoked. Why does this happen and is there an explanation? The answer is actually quite simple: cats hate change, and a woman with […]

How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge?

By Phil

This is a topic that has received a significant amount of attention from researchers (study on episodic memory), and it is really tied to the memory ability of cats as well as the structure of their brains. As is the case with a great deal of other things, humans observe animal behavior and attempt to […]

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