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Why Do Mother Cats Attack Their Older Kittens? Experts Findings

By Jamal Khan

Mother cats are known for being nurturing and protective toward their kittens. However, it can be alarming and confusing for cat owners when a mother cat suddenly becomes aggressive with her offspring, especially when they are newborns or getting old. This behavior can range from aggressive attacks to ignoring or rejecting the kittens. So why […]

Why Do Cats’ Tails Puff Up When Happy? [Ultimate Guide]

By Jamal Khan

Cats are fascinating creatures, known for their agility, independence, and occasional aloofness. One of the cats’ most curious and endearing behaviors is their tails puffing up, particularly when they’re happy, playing or content. This phenomenon, known as piloerection, has puzzled cat owners for generations. So why do cats’ tails puff up when happy? Cats puff […]

Can Cats Get Norovirus? Everything You Need To Know

By Jamal Khan

Norovirus is a highly contagious virus, a common cause of acute gastroenteritis that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. It’s a common illness that affects humans. But what about our furry feline friends? Can cats get norovirus? Short Answer: Cats usually can not be affected by human norovirus variants belonging to GI, GII, and […]

Why Do Cats Rub Their Faces On Corners? | 9 Reasons Explained

By Jamal Khan

Cats are fascinating creatures with various quirky behaviors that often leave their human companions scratching their heads in confusion. One such behavior is the tendency for cats to rub their faces on corners, furniture, walls, or other things, also called bunting. So why do cats rub their faces on corners? Cats rub their face on […]