Why do cats smell your Breath | 7 Tips to Stop

Why do cats smell your Breath

We all know that cats love to smell things, and they seem to be especially interested in our breath. But why do cats smell your breath? What are they looking for? Is it something terrible for them if they breathe in what we exhale?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what pet experts have discovered about this feline behavior, and we’ll also find out what it means for us if our cat starts smelling our mouth and nose. So read on to learn more!

Usually, feline behaviors are categorized into normal and abnormal. However, some behaviors seem to be a bit of both. Cats have a unique organ and scent glands located on the roof of their mouths called a Jacobson’s Organ.

The presence of this organ gives them the ability to taste scents and “taste” the air.

Sniffing someone’s breath, nose or mouth is one such behavior – it’s normal for cats to do this, but only up to a point.

Why do cats smell your Breath and Mouth?

Below are the most common reason of cats smelling your mouth and breath.

cat sniffing owner face

1. To Learn about You

There are several reasons why cats might be sniffing your mouth, but the most common one is that they’re simply trying to learn more about you.

Cats are naturally curious animals, and they want to know everything there is to know about the people around them. So when they smell your breath, they’re getting a whiff of all the different scents that make up who you are.

2. To Show Love and Affection

Felines often show their love and affection for us by putting paw at our face purring, rubbing against our legs, or by licking us.

But did you know that they can also show their appreciation by sniffing our nose and mouth? Yep, it’s true! When a cat smells your breath, they’re basically saying “thank you” for taking care of them and providing them with food and shelter.

3. Scent Attraction

Your kitty may smell your mouth, nose and face because it might be attracted to the scent coming from your mouth. In fact, many cats seem to find the smell of human breath quite appealing.

This could be because our breath contains a lot of different aromas that are foreign to them, or it could simply be due to the fact that we exhale carbon dioxide. if you have recently eaten a delicious meal your feline may try to put its nose in your mouth

4. Illness Detection

This reason is very rare but still some experts believe that felines might start sniffing someone’s breath if they think that person is sick. Cats are extremely intuitive animals, and they can sometimes sense when something isn’t right with their human companions.

So, if your cat starts investigating your mouth, it might be a sign that you’re not feeling well.

5. Warmth of Breath

Believe it or not, cats are actually attracted to the smell of warm breath! This is because exhaled air is warmer than the surrounding air, and cats often seek out warmth when they’re feeling chilly.

So one possible reason your cat might be sniff your face is because they’re looking for warmth.

6. In Hunger

When cats are hungry, they’ll do anything to get their paws on some food – and that includes sniffing around for any tasty morsels they can find.

There’s a good chance your cat may put its nose on your mouth or start sniffing your nose because they’re hungry.

So if you’ve been noticing that your cat has been particularly interested in your breath lately, it might be because they’re trying to score a free meal.

7. To seek your Attention

Cats can be quite fickle creatures and they often demand a lot of attention from their human companions.

If your cat is constantly sniffing your breath, it might be because they’re trying to get your attention in order to snag some petting or scratching.

8. Demanding Food or Walk

If your cat is constantly demanding food or asking for a walk, it might be because they’re trying to tell you that they need more attention.

Cats are smart animals and they know that the best way to get what they want is by vocalizing their needs.

So if your cat is incessantly sniffing your breath, it’s probably because they want you to know that they need something.

How to stop cats from smelling your Breath?

cat smell owner nose

The first thing is try not to eat in front of the cat. Since many cats find the smell of our breath quite appealing, it’s best if they don’t develop an addiction for it.

If your cat is constantly sniffing your mouth because they’re looking for food or warmth, then providing them with more attention should help stop this behavior.

This could mean playing with them twice as much each day, giving them lots of tummy rubs , or simply sharing some extra affection on a daily basis. You can use the cat toys if you have a busy schedule.

If you’re concerned about your cat sniffing your mouth, or if you’ve noticed them smelling someone else’s breath, there are a few things you can do to put a stop to this behavior.

If your cat insists on eating near you, consider using a room divider or placing a table between you and your feline friend.

Keeping the litter box clean will also help cut down on how often your feline friends smell your or someone else’s breath.

If you find that your cat tends to smell the breath of other pets in the home, like dogs and rabbits, it might be a good idea to keep them separated.

Why do cats smell your Breath when you Sleep?

While you’re sleeping, your breath slows down and becomes much more concentrated. So, if the cat is particularly interested in smell your breath when you’re asleep.

it might be because they think there’s a good chance, they’ll find some food there! It’s the same reason why cats sniff around for drool.

We produce so much saliva when we sleep, human saliva smells of our last meal that may attract your kitty to sniff your mouth.

Of course, this is not just one possible explanation as to why your cat wants to smell your mouth at night – other possibilities include wanting warmth or attention.

Your cat can also smell your nose and breath when you sleep to check your wellbeing. So if the cat is sniffing around your mouth to check on how healthy you are, it might also be because they’re checking to see if you’re breathing normally.

In most cases, they smell human breath while they sleep because of the reasons we’ve explained above.

Why does my cat smell my breath in the morning?

The morning breath that you wake up to is much more concentrated than the breath you exhale during the day. If your cat wakes you up in the morning by sniffing your mouth, it might be because they’re enjoying how much stronger your breath smells in this moment.

Your cat can smell your mouth in the morning to check if you’ve eaten anything while they were sleeping.

This is because cats are light sleepers and often wake up for a quick bite during the night. If your cat wakes you up in the morning by sniffing around your mouth, it might also be to get an early breakfast!

Your breath smells different at different times of the day. It might be because of the foods you eat, or it could simply be caused by your nervousness.


Is my cat obsessed with me?

In most cases, it’s perfectly normal for cats to be fascinated with human breath. If you notice your cat sniffing your mouth in the morning, they might simply want an early breakfast.

Some cats are more interested than others when it comes to smelling our breath, but this is usually related to their temperament. It’s also worth considering whether they’ve had problems in the past with dental disease or other health issues.

If your cat is obsessed with you and never leaves you alone, then something else might be going on here. Persistent and obsessive behavior can often indicate that there’s an underlying cause – especially when it comes to the way your cat shows affection towards you.

Do cats check if you Breathe?

While you’re breathing in and out, your cat can tell if something is wrong with you. In most cases, cats aren’t too interested in our breath – especially since we don’t really exhale anything that smells interesting.

However, they might show an interest if there’s a change in our lifestyle or dietary habits. It could also be because humans produce different odors when they’re nervous or stressed. In some cases, your cat might be obsessed with you and never leave you alone.

For example, the cat might be checking to see whether you have a cold. If your cat suddenly appears from nowhere and starts sniffing around your mouth when you have a cold, it might have been caused by them smelling the virus.

In this case, it’s simply their way of showing affection towards their owner.

Is it possible to stop cats from smelling your face?

A cat smells your face is a natural behavior, and it’s unlikely to cause any problems. If your cat is chosen you as their favorite human territory, then there’s no need to worry.

However, if they’re obsessed with you and won’t leave you alone- then something else might be going on and you need to stop the behavior.

If the behavior doesn’t seem normal or obsessive, then it may be worth speaking to your veterinarian.

Persistent behavior can often indicate that there’s an underlying cause – especially when it comes to the way your cat shows affection towards you.

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