Why Do Cats Cover their Food? 5 Strange Reasons

Why Do Cats Cover their Food

Do you have a cat that covers its food? If so, you’re not alone. This behavior is surprisingly common in cats, but the reason why they do it is still a mystery to most owners.

Felines behaviors are categorized into normal and abnormal. Knowing about cat behaviors helps you determine what is normal for your feline and when to seek veterinary or pet behaviorist help.

A behavior seen in many cats and has yet to be explained food covering. Felines will take their food and cover it with litter, soil, or other material.

In this article, we will explore some of the possible reasons of why cats cover and bury their food? And how can you stop your feline from this?

Why Do Cats Cover Their Food?

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There are a few possible explanations for why cats cover their food. One theory is that they are trying to keep the food from spoiling. Another possibility is that they hide their food so other animals won’t steal it. 

Some people believe that the cat is trying to disguise the scent of the food, so predators will be less likely to find it. And finally, some experts say that cats may do this as a sign of dominance over their territory.

No one knows for sure what the reason behind this behaviour is, but we can make educated guesses based on observed behaviours and scientific research.

Many cat owners often ask why cats bury food and cover them?

Why Do Cats Cover and Bury Its Food?

Below, we list some of the possible causes that compel your kitty to hide and bury its food.

1. Hiding food from Predators

Cat needs food to survive. Wild cats hunt down their prey in the wild and eat it whole. Domestic cats don’t have the same luxury, so we need to provide them with nutritionally complete and balanced food.

For this purpose, your feline tries to cover its food so that no other pet or animal approaches them.

2. Caching Food

Cats cover their food to save the rest food for later when your provide excess food. Cats are very efficient hunters, and they want to make sure that the prey is completely consumed.

They also prefer to eat their food in one sitting. However, when some foods remain uneaten and available for other animals, cats will return to eat them later.

Some experts suggest that your cat is trying to save the food for later by burying it with soil or litter.

Your kitty may think that this behavior would help them return to the food at a later time if they are hungry or want more of it. Cats also do this to protect the food from being eaten by other animals.

3. Prevent Food from Spoilage

One of the reasons why cats cover their food is to keep it from spoiling. If you have ever left food out for your cat, you know that they will often eat only a little bit and then walk away.

This is because cats have a very fast metabolism, and they need to eat several small meals throughout the day. If you leave food out for them, it will spoil before they have a chance to eat it all.

To prevent your cat from covering their food, try feeding them smaller meals more often throughout the day instead of one large meal. You can use Automatic cats meal feeder for this purpose.

You can also buy food that is specifically designed for cats with a slow digestion rate. And finally, make sure to keep your cat’s food bowl clean so that bacteria doesn’t grow on the leftover food.

4. Not Interested In the Food

When a cat doesn’t like their food, they may try to cover burying it. If you have ever just opened a brand new bag of kibble and your cat turns up their nose at it, you already know how this goes.

Cats can be really picky eaters and will sometimes refuse to eat their food for days on end.

If your cat isn’t crazy about his food, there are some things you can try before resorting to covering it:

Try switching brands of dry food (this is actually pretty common, and most pet owners don’t realize that cats get tired of eating the same foods)

Mix in some wet canned food into their usual diet for variety (if your cat likes wet food, that is)

Serve your cat’s food at room temperature (some cats prefer their food to be warmer than others)

If you’ve done all of these things, but your cat still isn’t eating, it may be a sign of a more serious health issue. Take your kitty to the vet immediately so they can get the care they need.

5. Human Invading

Parents of small children know all about this one. When a child is playing with something, the parent will often take it and put it away so that they can’t break it.

Cats may feel the same way about their food. If they have been eating from a bowl that has been moved or jostled by another pet, your cat may move their food to a safer location before eating again.

This behavior usually stops once the cat becomes familiar with its surroundings and feels more secure in them.

How to stop a cat from covering his food?

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Cats may be trained to not cover their food by taking something away that they enjoy. This could be their toys or even your attention if you tend to give pets more attention right after they eat.

If you take something away from them, they will think twice about covering their food once it’s gone. Another way to stop this unwanted behavior is to put your cat’s food bowl in a location where other animals can’t reach it.

There are also special bowls made for cats with storage containers on top, which can help prevent litter and leaves from falling into the kitty dinner.

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Final Thoughts

Cat owners love their feline friends dearly, but sometimes these furry friends do things that are absolutely mind-boggling! Some of them are cute while others are simply annoying.

One of the most puzzling things that cats do is cover their food which can be very frustrating for pet owners. But before you get annoyed, check out the above possible reasons why your cat may be doing this and if there are ways to correct it.

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