VIVO Three Wheel Cat Stroller Review

VIVO Three Wheel Cat Stroller Review

Cat strollers are becoming more and more popular. There is no longer anything strange about taking your cat out in a stroller, and there are starting to be some affordable and fun strollers on the market.

Cat Strollers make it fun and easy to take your cat out and no worry about it escaping and running off. They are designed to be very comfortable inside, and secure against the pet being able to get out.

Some cats do not respond well to being on a leash. They never settle down and it can cause them some anxiety, so a stroller is a fun and safe alternative. It’s also an option for those who just want their cat with them, or are going to the vet and don’t want to use a small box.

If your cat becomes accustomed and comfortable with being in the stroller, when you do make those vet trips they will be a lot less anxious too. Not to mention older cats that are no longer as mobile can get a lot of satisfaction from being pushed around in style.

When looking for a stroller there are a few specifics you should look for, and I will be covering these points in this article as I do this VIVO Three Wheel Cat Stroller review.
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Specifications of the VIVO Three Wheel Cat Stroller

The reason I’m reviewing this stroller is because it’s one of the more affordable strollers on the market, which makes it accessible to anyone looking to buy a stroller. Plus, it’s highly rated with a lot of positive reviews and some pretty decent features.

Protective Compartment – The compartment for the pet it sit in is spacious and comfortable. One of the main concerns, as this is where your cat will be spending their time. It has a large zipper that gives you easy access, and popping your cat in, and taking them out couldn’t be any easier.

Strong – The weight limit is 30 lbs. There can’t be too many kitty’s out there weighing more than 30 lbs, so this should be more than enough. Two cats shouldn’t be a problem.

Visibility – The mesh windows are great for visibility, both in and out. Not only can your cat see out at what’s going on, but people peeking in will have a pleasant surprise when they see a cute kitty staring back.

Easy to fold up and down – This model is incredibly easy to fold up and down when you need to use it. It packs down small for storage, and folds up with just a couple of clicks into place.

Accessories – This model has a couple of cup holders, which I’m sure you will agree is a really handy feature. There is also a tray to hold things on, and a basket underneath. Plenty of places to keep all your items while walking around.

VIVO Three Wheel Cat Stroller Summary

If you’re looking for a pet stroller this VIVO model offers great value for money. It’s a lot less expensive than the similar models, but the quality looks up to scratch. There is certainly a lot of positive feedback to confirm this.

So whether you just use this on the odd occasion you need to take you cat to the vets, or if you want to take daily walks around the park. This stroller is up to the task, and it look pretty good too!

It has plenty of space inside and some comfortable bedding. Either a cat or a dog will be very happy riding inside. It’s very safe too, with plenty of breathable mesh and protection from the sun.

It’s fully collapsible and stores away conveniently. The back wheels lock if you want to park it up, so all-in-all I can’t think of any other features that this cart can benefit from.

It’s a great all round buy, take a closer look for yourself and if you’ve used one please leave me a comment or feedback below – I’d love to hear how you got on.

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