8 Proven Tips For Cats and Dogs Living Together

ips For Cats and Dogs Living Together

A majority of households in the US has either a dog or a cat as pet. The numbers are as high as 90 million dogs and 94 million cats. 

The chances that a single household has more than one pet are quite high. The average household owns 1 to 2 pets.

Chances that you have a cat and a dog are both high. Much like siblings, your pets may not always get along. 

ips For Cats and Dogs Living Together

Why Do Cats And Dogs Not Always Get Along?

There are many different reasons why there may be tension in the house if you have a cat and a dog. Most of the time, cats and dogs can coexist peacefully.

However, there are instances where the two may not be on friendly terms. The worst is if there are acts of aggression. 

If you want your cat and dog to live together in peace, understand the reasons why they may be at odds with each other. 

If you have browsed the We Love Doodles site, you know there are hundreds of breeds of cats and dogs. While the breed is an important factor, what is even more critical is personality.

If your pets possess conflicting personalities, this can be an issue. 

Dogs usually are friendly, playful, and territorial. Cats, on the other hand, are carefree and love alone time. Additionally, cats may act aggressively out of fear.

Dogs are bigger than cats, and this size difference can be threatening for cats. 

8 Tips For Cats and Dogs Living Together

There is a belief that cats and dogs are natural enemies, but this is not the truth. The possibility that you may have to let go of one of your pets because they are not getting along is slim. 

You can follow these eight tips to ensure your cat and dog live together in peace:

1) Introduce as a Baby

Most people already own a pet before getting a second one. It doesn’t matter whether you are initially a dog owner or a cat owner. It is better to get the other pet as a baby. 

So get a puppy if you have a cat and a kitten if you have a dog. Seeing a baby will bring out your older pet’s nurturing and loving side. 

Your cat will be protective of the puppy and will display affection. This is great for their relationship going forward 

2) Start Slow

Do not expect your pets to get along immediately. Do not be disappointed if your cat doesn’t come close to your puppy or your dog isn’t receptive to your kitten. 

Building a bond takes time. Let their relationship evolve naturally over time. With you, they have a different kind of relationship because they are dependent on you.

So, do not expect your pets to treat each other like they treat you.

3) Get Them To Smell Each Other

Cats and dogs often use their sense of smell to feel things out. The best way to go about this is to give each pet something of the other. 

You can do a blanket exchange or use toys. It can be anything. This way, your cat and dog become familiar with each other before they get to meet each other in person. 

4) Train Your Dog

Dogs are very territorial. Some dogs also have a problem respecting boundaries because they are so carefree. 

Teach your dog to remain calm. Cats turn aggressive when they feel threatened. They may misunderstand your dog’s friendly nature. Train your dog to be peaceful around the cat. Saint bernard are among easy to train breeds.

5) Give Space

Each pet requires its personal space. Cats, especially, value being on their own. Additionally, having their own space and belongings allow your pets to feel comfortable. 

While they need to spend time together, they need to have some alone time as well. Cats often mark its territory so prevent your canine pet to invade in their territory.

6) Treat Them Equally

When you have more than one pet, feelings of jealousy can develop. One pet may feel left out or abandoned, especially if a pet who is a baby is involved.

Naturally, you will have to spend more time with the baby as they are more dependent on you. 

This does not excuse ignoring your other pet. You must be just with your behavior and make up for it with treats and playtime. You can play with them together and individually.

Getting alone time with you for each pet is also necessary. 

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7) Play With Your Dog

Since they are so different in their energy levels, it is best to get them on the same level. 

Dogs need to get out their extra energy. They need more stimulation. Play with your dog and exercise.their.mind and body, so they do not bother the cat. 

The exercise needs of both felines and dogs are different. Cats like being lazy. Dogs are the complete opposite. Some breeds require more routine exercise than others, but overall all dogs like to play. 

8) Gradual Friendship

The best relationship between felines and canine is one that is built over time. Try to get your cat and dog to play together slowly. See how one feels when you share their toys with the other.

There may be fights, in the beginning, so you need to be on your toes. Monitor them and take action if you sense some aggression. Over time you will notice that your two pets will become familiar and even friendly with each other. 


Many people own both cats and dogs. Both are lovely pets with distinct personalities. Getting to know them will help you to take the best course of action when it comes to introducing them to a new member of the family.

It is not as much a challenge as it is thought to be. Many families can successfully raise a cat and dog under one roof.

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