Tips for Caring for Cats This Winter

Tips for Caring for Cats This Winter

Depending where you live, you more than likely experience some cold and harsh weather during the winter months. If you don’t – lucky you!

This means we need to think about our cats, and make sure they are going to be happy and safe in the winter months. Sure they spend a lot of time indoors sleeping, but if you have an outdoor cat it will be braving the elements.

A lot of other things come with the winter months, such as festivities, parties, and such like. So here are some tips and advice to help keep your kitty happy this winter.

Remember Cats Like Quiet

If it’s Christmas time of New Year, you’re probably having a busier and noisier time than normal. Don’t forget to keep a quiet and warm space available for your cat to sleep and chill out.

Festive Food

There will be some spare turkey or chicken, and cats love these meats. Don’t overdo it if they are not used to eating these meats, if will give them an upset stomach. A little is a nice treat though.

Be Aware of Poisonous Plants

You should be aware of plants and flowers that are poisonous to your cat. Plants like mistletoe berries, holly berries, poinsettias, and amaryllis are all popular over the winter months and are poisonous. Keep them safe and tucked out of the way.

Keep Antifreeze Locked Away

Much like I covered chocolate in a previous post, antifreeze is also tempting to a cat due to its sweet smell and taste. It’s incredibly toxic however, you must take extra care to keep this substance away from cats when using it.

Provide Shelter Outside

If you don’t have a cat flap you need to set up some shelter outside for when you’re not around to let your cat in. You can buy a small outhouse for them to wait in next to the door, this is inexpensive and can make all the difference.

Keep Their Coats Healthy

Cats are wearing a coat at all times, so they can handle the cold weather better than humans. This is if they coats are in good condition of course. Keep up the grooming in the winter and if their fur is patchy or matted, find out why and address it.

Addressing the Winter Blues

Cats can get a little down over the winter months. They miss running freely in the sun and chasing wildlife, instead faced with just sleeping somewhere warm. This is shown by them wanting to eat more, doing less exercise, sleeping more, and being a little down.

Here are some ways to help cheer your cat up and help them be a little more active:

Play with them – There are loads of toys and things to do play with your cat. If you don’t really do this much, now is the time to start.

Provide some different items – This doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Cats love cardboard boxes, every time you get a new one put it somewhere your cat will find it and see if they enjoy it.

Spend time fussing them – Cats love a good head fussing. If you have a lap cat make sure you’re making time for them if you’re busy. Also groom and fuss them as much as you can.