Is Scoot Fox Repellent Safe for Cats?

Is Scoot Fox Repellent Safe for Cats

Do you have foxes in your neighborhood causing you problems? If so, you’ve probably heard that using Scoot Fox Repellent is a safe way to deter foxes.

However, if you own cats you’re right to question – is Scoot Fox Repellent safe for cats?

The short answer is, yes.

According to the manufacturer, this product is perfectly safe to use if you have cats.

So, you should be able to use it to deter foxes coming into your yard without causing any harm to your cat, a neighbors cat, or a dog for that matter.

Do Foxes Attack Cats?

Do Foxes Attack Cats

I’ve always known that foxes are in my neighborhood growing up.

I find them interesting animals, and although I’ve spotted them more than 100 times, a fox has never got anywhere near me.

From what I can find out, most of the time,  foxes will run from humans and other animals, such as cats. Unless they are incredibly desperate and feel the need to get close in search of food.

I asked my vet last time I was in her office if she’s ever seen a cat with injuries that looked like they were caused by a fox.

Her reply – “nope”.

Even though we have a lot of foxes where we live, and even more cats they don’t fight over territory. I put this down, for the most part, to foxes being incredibly cautious and having no interest in attacking cats.

This isn’t to say it can’t happen, of course it can. Foxes have some serious teeth on them, and if they feel threatened they will attack or defend themselves from another animal.

It’s just incredibly rare to hear that a fox has attacked a cat. A fox has to feel threatened by another animal to want to hurt it.

What Is Scoot Fox Repellent?

Scoot Fox Repellent is exactly what the name says, a repellent that helps you keep foxes away from where you use it.

It comes in the form of a powder. You mix the powder with water and spray it in areas where you want to deter foxes. Nice and simple, and as far as I can tell from customer feedback, it’s pretty effective.

This video hits all the main bullet points and provides some more information about what this product it:

How Does Scoot Fox Repellent Work?

Without going into too much detail about how the chemicals work exactly, the scent this product gives off mimics the scent another fox would leave in an area.

Foxes are territorial animals, and they will claim territory with a scent to warn off other foxes. So what better than making foxes think there is an alpha owning your yard – when in reality there isn’t.

You do need to apply the scent several times a day at first to overpower any other foxes. But it does work and it’ll stop foxes from coming into your yard.

They say it’s also safe to use on flowers, crops, and other plants you care about in your yard. I thought I’d point that out for any of the keen gardeners reading this.

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Why Use Fox A Repellent?

Some people like foxes, some people don’t, and a lot of people aren’t bothered by them. The main reasons why people want to take steps to deter them, however, include:

Foxes mark their territory by leaving feces and spraying urine. Two things that are very smelly, annoying if in your yard, and something you should stop if it’s on your property.

They pose a threat to your pets. The obvious one is chickens, foxes will kill and eat chickens given the chance. They also pose a risk to cats (explained above), dogs, rabbits, and other household pets.

They can do damage to property. Foxes are great at digging, and if they smell something they want, they’ll dig a big hole to find it. This might mean uprooting plants, digging under a fence, and so on.

It can be a fright being confronted by one. Although they pose almost no threat at all to us, and reports of foxes hurting humans is super-rare – it’s still a bit unnerving to see one close up. They do have sharp claws, big teeth, and resemble big wild dogs.

Is Scoot Fox Repellent Safe for Cats?

According to the manufacturer, it’s completely safe to use if you have cats. I’ve read reviews from cat owners, and they confirm as much, too.

The key point here is that this product is not made with harmful chemicals designed to harm foxes. It’s designed to produce a scent that makes them think there is another fox in the area that has already claimed the land they’re prowling.

I know what you’re thinking, cats are also territorial animals. They know the difference between the scent left by a tomcat and a fox though. So, it’s not even going to cause them territorial issues.

Heck, there’s a whole war going on out there for territory claims between several different animals.

I can tell you one thing, it’s a much better option than a motion sensor or ultrasonic device in my opinion. I’ve tried a few of these electronic devices over the years for “pests” and they always cause me and my cat’s issues.

In Summary

If you’re looking for fox control products that you can safely use where your cats will roam, Scoot Fox Repellent is safe to use.

You don’t have to put up with foxes fouling in your yard, scaring your animals and causing damage. And, you don’t have to wage war with harmful chemicals – I recommend giving this product a try if you can get it in your area.

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