How Much Heat Can Cats Tolerate? Safe Temperature

How much Heat can cats Tolerate

Cats usually love and enjoy hot temperatures and often lay in the sun heat in the hot weather. Cats generally tolerate the heat better than us.

However, there are some risks associated with the temperature rise. Many feline owners often ask How much heat can cats Tolerate? And what temperature is too hot for felines?

In this Blog post we will discuss about the warm temperature effects and summer safety tips for felines.

Is Hot Temperature safe for cats?

Yes, ideal hot temperatures are ok for cats, but warmth above 102 F is harmful. Felines naturally like to lay in the sun and enjoy hot weather, but the complicating factor is that kitties can’t tell when they’ve absorbed too much warmth and when to leave the hot place. 

We humans sweat in hot weather to regulate our body temperature in summer. Felines sweat, too, but you will not observe sweat drops on their skin as we do. Cats usually sweat through their paws. 

If you observe the wet paws of your tom or queen, it means that the hot is too hot for your cat, and you need to set aside your feline from the warmth. 

How much heat can cats Tolerate?

How hot is too Hot for cats

Cats’ average body temperature ranges from 100.5 to 102.5° Fahrenheit or 38.06 to  39.17° Celsius. This means that cats can tolerate temperatures up to 102.5° Fahrenheit or 39.17° Celsius. Your cat may handle the hot weather temperature more than the normal, about 104 to 105° Fahrenheit but remember, Excessive heat for cats than the normal range is harmful and can lead your pet to severe dehydration and heatstroke that could be fatal.

The ideal indoor or Rome temperature for kitties is  78 to 80°F.

Side Effects of too hot weather for Cats

Extreme temperatures than average body temperature are harmful to humans and pets. Therefore, cats require proper care in both summer and winter. Below are some of the side effects of summer temperature for felines.

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Can cats regulate their body Temperature?

Yes, cats regulate their body temperature according to the environment. The felines are considered sensitive to the temperature rise or fall.

They can maintain their body temperature in two ways: in the cold by shivering and in warm weather by sweating. Cats do not sweat like we humans throughout the skin. They only sweat through their paws. 

What temperature can cats not handle?

cat in hot weather

Felines are susceptible to the rise and fall in temperature. Cats can handle about 45° Fahrenheit or 7.2° Celsius in winter. However, below this will be too cold for your kitty. In summer, the cats can tolerate temperatures up to 102.5° Fahrenheit or 39.17° Celsius. However, above this will be too hot for your kitty.

What is the safe indoor room temperature for cats?

According to pet experts, the ideal and safe indoor or room temperature for cats is 75 to 80°F or 23 to 26.667°C. Cats usually like hot weather and can tolerate heat up to 102°F indoor or outdoor.

But leaving your pet to this range of heat is neither recommended nor safe. 

It would help if you took some safety tips before leaving your cat in the home alone.

Provide an ideal temperature in both winter and summer.

Set the thermostat of the AC to the safe range and leave it to turn on if you have a plan to come home quickly.

Suppose you plan to leave the house for more than 1 day. Please hand over your faithful feline to a caring neighborhood or friend and advise about the proper care and safety. 

How to Cool your Cat in Hot Summer? 

Hot weather brings some dangers for us and our felines. Excessive rise in the temperature can cause severe dehydration and fatal heatstroke. In summer, you will need to focus on your Cat’s body temperature and help them cool down or regulate body temperature. 

You can help your cat cool in the hot weather by the bellow Tips.

1. Properly Groom your Cat

Grooming is essential to preventing your cat kitty from the summer danger. Properly groom your pet and trim the coat before the summer begins, especially cats with long fur.

Trim fur will help your tom to cool down. You can use the best grooming products for cats.

2. Keep your feline Hydrated

Dehydration is fatal. Keep your tom or queen hydrated, especially in warm weather. Provide plenty of water in the room to your cats in the recommended cat water bowl.

If you plan to go outdoor, make sure to take some fresh water in the bowl. Please remember that drinking a lot of water is harmful to dogs, so don’t apply this method for your dog.

3. Help your cat with a damp washcloth

Just like us, we use damp washcloths to release our body temperature in the same way you can help your kitty. Gently nap the wet cloth or towel on your feline body if you observe it is too hot. 

4. Use summer crate and box fan

If you keep your cat in the crate at night or take it outside, make sure to use a summer crate for cats and install a small Colling fan near your kitty.

5. Provide Ventilated bed

There are many Ventilated beds and cooling mats for cats available in the market. These beds and mats allow the smooth passage of air and help your cat cool. 

6. Provide cool Surfaces

In hot weather, cats love to lay on cool surfaces. So uncover your feline living area floor from winter bedding and the mats. 

7. Give Cool Cat Nap

Napping your feline with the cool water or ice bottle helps cool your cat’s body temperature. You can wrap the cool water bottle in the towel and gently nap it on your kitty body.

Hot weather safety Precautions for Cats

Summer brings some dangers for your pets include dogs and cats. So you need to be curious about the hot summer temperature for your cat.

Do not leave your cat outside. Make sure to use a cat umbrella for the shade if you have a plan to take your tom for a walk with you.

Check your feline feet to observe the sweating. If you found them wet, try to cool them.

Make sure to provide a safe, ideal temperature.

Make sure to check your car tires and garages before starting your car or closing the garages gates. Cats usually hide in holes to find shade in the summer or a hot place in the winter. 

Dehydration and Heatstroke are fatal. Suppose you observe symptoms like excessive panting, irregular breathing, drooling, vomiting, unconsciousness, fever and collapse, contact your vet immediately.

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How hot is too Hot for cats?

Cats can handle temperatures up to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, above this hot will be too hot for dogs and heatstroke risk. So make sure never to let your cat in temperature above 104-105 °F .  You will lose your kitty. 

Is 90 degrees too hot for a cat?

90 degrees Fahrenheit is not too hot for cats. However, The ideal indoor or Rome temperature for kitties is  78 to 80°F. Felines can tolerate the warmth up to 102°F but not recommended to expose your kitty to this temperature. 

Is 80 degrees in a house too hot for a cat?

75 to 80°F is considered the ideal and safe in house temperature for cats and not considered too hot for kitties. However, if you plan to leave home, ensure the AC thermostat is at a maximum of 80°F to avoid the excessive warm temperature risk. 

Do cats need AC in summer?

In extremely hot and cold countries, cats may need AC. In summer, AC will help keep your pet cool, and in winter, it will help prevent the harsh cold. 

How do cats get rid of excess heat?

We humans and cats get rid of our body heat via Sweat glands to regulate the body temperature. Although, like us, cats do not have sweat glands throughout the body. They have sweat glands in their paws. So if you observe the wet footprints, it means that the weather is hot, and your feline paws are sweating to regulate the body temperature. 

Can heat cause cats to vomit?

Yes, excessive heat can lead a cat to heatstroke. Heatstroke can be fatal and compel your pet to health issues such as severe vomiting, dehydration, lethargy, glazed eyes, excessive drooling, irregular breathing and collapse. 

What temperature can cats tolerate in the UK?

Whether you live in the UK or the United States, the ideal temperature for a cat will be the same. Feline can tolerate heat up to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, but the perfect temperature is 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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