Can Cats Eat Watermelon? (All Questions Answered)

Watermelon is a very common fruit in summer. Watermelons are very popular among humans. It is a great refreshing snack. Now, an interesting fact, if you own a cat then you may wonder if you’re able to feed your cat the same. The answer to the question “Can a cat eat watermelon” is very straightforward.

The answer is a yes, you can feed your cats pieces of watermelon. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of while feeding watermelon to your cat.

Here’s a short description of things that pet parents need to know once they decide to feed watermelon to their cats or kittens. 

Is feeding watermelon good for your cat?

Watermelon has been found to be non-toxic for cats. You can easily feed your cat watermelon sometimes. There is no particular harm in feeding watermelon to your cat. There is nothing as such to be good in feeding your cat watermelon. You can simply feed them watermelon pieces.

If your cat enjoys the fruit, then it’s a green signal for you to make it its snack in summer. You are always advised to feed small amounts of watermelon because too much of it may cause stomach upsets. Although watermelon is considered to be safe up to a small extent.

It is always good to do proper research and consult with your veterinarian before adding watermelon to your cat’s diet. Now, the question comes how to feed. 

Delicious refreshing watermelon slices on the table outdoors - shallow depth
Delicious refreshing watermelon – would you feed this to your cat?

How to safely feed watermelon to your cat

Once you decide to feed your cat watermelon, follow a few steps to make sure that you are safely feeding your cat. First, you need to make sure that the fruit is fresh enough and then you need to wash it properly to remove dirt or any other chemicals. Now, watermelon is a bulky fruit you can’t directly put the whole fruit into your cat’s mouth.

You need to slice it into tiny pieces which are of similar size to your cat’s single bite. Most importantly remove the seeds and rind of the watermelon. Feed your cat the pieces, if it enjoys the fruit then it’s good, you can feed watermelon some of the time. All cats are different and so is their taste.

If your cat does not prefer the taste or smell of watermelon or turns its nose up then don’t give them watermelon any further. The next important thing is to monitor your cat’s health. Keep an eye on your cat’s health on the days you are feeding watermelon to it. If your cat’s health remains sound, then you can feed watermelon to your cat without any worries.

In the case that any health issues like stomach upset turn up, immediately consult your veterinarian.

Now that you know how to feed watermelon to cats now, let’s talk about the nutritional benefits. 

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Feeding Cats Watermelon?

Cats have a specific nutrient requirement daily. They don’t have minimal carbs requirement daily and interestingly watermelon is fairly full of carbs. Cats being obligate carnivores rely on nutrients obtained from animal products. So, watermelon is not necessary for a cat’s diet. Nutrient benefits for cats from watermelon are likely to be very minimal.

They may get benefited from the extra hydration provided by watermelon due to its high-water content (94%), especially in the summers, and may be small amounts of vitamin C and potassium. The minimum nutrient that a cat may get from watermelon is only from its flesh. Watermelon basically doesn’t add too many nutrients, so are there any a chances of it causing harm to your cat? Let’s discuss. 

Will eating watermelon harm you cat? 

Watermelons are not toxic to felines but certain precautions must be taken before feeding them to a cat. The fruit is to be served in a limited quantity to them. If the cats are eating them for the first time, you should keep them in check. These include the activities they do before or after consuming the fruit.

Although watermelons are not harmful, feeding cats can develop diseases like diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, or constipation. When a cat runs away from the fruit, one should know that it is allergic to it. Then feeding watermelon must be stopped immediately. About cats we discussed a lot but there are the kittens too which are delicate than cats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can kittens eat watermelon?

Kittens are quite different from grown-up cats. Besides having things in common, kittens are more inefficient in some ways than an aged cat. Their digestive system is more delicate and so the watermelon should be an occasional treat for them. Consuming excessively is harmful because it does not offer much nutritional value and is high in sugar. Moreover, the kittens can also suffer from choking problems if they intake seeds while enjoying the flesh. Hence, it is eventually better to keep the kittens away from watermelon and instead serve them other liquid foods. As watermelon is of high sugar content. Is it safe for diabetic cats? 

Can diabetic cats eat watermelon?

Cats who are diabetic should always avoid consuming watermelon. It is filled with natural sugar of about 9.5gms in a single fruit. Hence, consuming the same can make the condition worse for the cats by leading to gaining weight, digestive issues, and obesity. The symptoms of diabetes include increasing thirstiness, loss of appetite, excessive urination, and vomiting. Another problem that occurs is that the cats lose their ability to jump. Flesh of the watermelon is edible for cats. So, are the rest of the part of watermelon harmful for cats? 

Can cats eat the seeds and rind of watermelon?

The cats should not eat watermelon seeds. Like apple seeds, the watermelon seeds which contain cyanide make them very dangerous for cats. Cats have a primitive and smaller digestive system. So, the consumption of even two watermelon seeds can make them sick. Moreover, it may cause choking hazards when consumed. Similarly, all the needful nutritional benefits are found in the watermelon flesh and not in the rind. Instead, the rind is difficult to digest for the cats thereby increasing the chances of damaging intestines, choking, or stomach upset. Therefore, before providing the cats, it is advisable to remove the rind.

Cute cat looking with green eyes sitting on table. Maine coon with funny emotions relaxing indoors. Adorable furry friend, adoption concept
Cute cat looking with green eyes sitting on table.

Summary – can cats eat watermelon? 

Watermelon is a fruit with no toxins so it is absolutely fine for an occasional small treat for your cat. Yet, precautions must be taken before feeding them to your cat. Research and facts say that cats can consume fruit but in limited quantities. Since it is high-sugar fruit, intake must be checked constantly as well as the behavior of the cats. If cats are diabetic, then you should stop feeding immediately. So, it is advisable to avoid feeding them watermelon regularly. Moreover, it is advisable to keep the fruit away from the reach of kittens as they are delicate. Seeds and rind are dangerous and are not to be consumed by pets.

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