Can Cats Eat Cream of Wheat (What You Need to Know)

Cats are really picky eaters and will prefer to eat what you eat. Even if you feed your cat the most expensive, nutritious food money can buy, it will still painstakingly work its way into your bowl of cereal. So, can cats eat cream of wheat?

Made from pulverized wheat, the cream of wheat has a silky consistency and is rich in iron and calcium. So, you may be wondering whether cats can and should consume wheat. Yes, cats may safely consume some cream of wheat. The answer to the question of whether or not cats should be fed wheat on a regular basis is, however, more nuanced. In this post, we’ll discuss whether or not it’s a good idea to give your cat wheat-based goods.

Cats With Wheat Allergies

Although it is uncommon, some cats can develop an allergy to gluten, a protein found in wheat. Washing flour before using it in baking may lower the gluten concentration, but not entirely. Bread, crackers, frozen foods, and even certain types of chips may all contain gluten.

 Wheat allergies are uncommon in cats. However, you should take your cat to the vet if any of these signs emerge after nibbling on commercial food containing wheat or wheat derivatives.

Potential Gluten Allergy Symptoms in Your Cat

  • Scratching that won’t stop
  • Frequent licking
  • There is a correlation between hair thinning and
  • Wet coat
  • Disorders of the digestive system\
  • Inability to eat due to lack of appetite.

You may safely feed your cat wheat-containing breakfast cereal if it shows no indications of an allergy.

 Many wrongly believe wheat is essential for a cat’s health and well-being. They get what they need nutritionally from animal proteins. If consumed in moderation, however, whole wheat is OK. Feeding your cat wheat products? Make sure they include just whole wheat and nothing else. You shouldn’t feed it these things every day, but rather as a rare treat.

Sleepy Little Kitty
Sleepy Little Kitty

Cats Can Usually Eat Wheat With No Difficulty

Wheat is safe to consume for cats. Wheat is not required for a healthy cat’s diet, but it provides a few extra helpful nutrients. Wheat’s dietary fiber might also aid your cat in maintaining regular bowel movements. In contrast, consuming excessive wheat may lead to unpleasant symptoms, including bloating and vomiting.

It’s possible that wheat might be included in a portion of commercial cat food. Barley, maize, oats, and rice are other frequent ingredients in cat food recipes. The major cat food brands do not include them, however, as cat food should prioritize using high-quality animal protein sources.

Cream of wheat, however, is one of the better foods to choose if you really must feed your cat human food. However, you should always remember that a cat is a carnivore and is equipped to get the nutrients it needs from fish and meat rather than plants.

Dogs compared to cats

Cats, unlike omnivorous dogs, need meat-based meals to survive. However, unlike dogs, whose digestive systems can handle fibrous foods well, cats’ may be upset by the same range of human foods that dogs like. Put simply, the range of foods a cat can eat is smaller than that a dog can handle. Cream of what is one food that both cats and dogs can handle.

Why Do Cats Choose to Eat Inappropriate Human Foods?

Most cats are comfortable with their regular diet of dry and wet cat food. Some people aren’t fond of making significant dietary changes. However, a subset of the cat population considers it their civic duty to taste and evaluate human food. Some felines are even more judgmental than Chef Gordon Ramsay, so beware! I indeed own a cat that only sniffs my food and leaves. Does she know something I don’t? I couldn’t help but wonder. Should I keep eating this if it’s not good enough for her? As a result of their enigma, cat behavior requires ongoing interpretation.

Their natural state is one of curiosity. Particularly feline ones! Their five senses, including taste, allow them to discover the world around them. They are constantly nosing about the kitchen and the dining room for a glimpse of what you are preparing and eating. The only obstacle that stands between them and the meal is a simple hop. Certain felines eventually outgrow their inquisitiveness. However, many try human food and realize it’s much superior to their usual cat chow. Naturally, curiosity is a part of their personality. In particular, kittens. They use all of their senses, including taste, to learn about the world around them. They are always nosing about the rooms that contain food to see what you have prepared and served for dinner. They need just bounce up to smell and try the meal. Eventually, some cats go over their naturally inquisitive nature. However, others try human food and find it’s preferable to their usual cat chow.

Like humans, they also often take a liking to foods that are not very good for them. Some of them are a lot worse than cream of wheat.

can cats eat cream of wheat
Cream of wheat with butter – not very good for cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wheat Toxic for Cats?

Cats are safe to consume wheat. However, what is not essential to a cat’s diet for optimal health, although it provides several beneficial nutrients. Owners should really try to avoid giving their cats cream of wheat.

Can Cats Eat Rice Cereal?

Rice cereal is safe for cats to consume, but only in tiny quantities because of its high sugar content. Cats can eat rice cereals, but they need to be moist, so they don’t choke. These grain-based products, on the other hand, provide no nutritious value.

Is it safe to feed cats oatmeal?

The answer is yes; you can feed your cat oats. Actually, oats are included to a variety of commercial cat food diets because they are thought to be safe even when eaten raw by cats. Oatmeal is a more approachable formula for cats, but it should be served solely in water, not milk.


Of all the foods we have looked at as potential foods for cats, cream of oats is perhaps one of the safer foods to experiment with if you really must feed your human pet food. Unless your cat is one of the minority with a wheat allergen, cream of oats is fairly harmless or slightly beneficial (in small quantities).

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