Best Cat Carrier for Plane

best cat carriers for long distance travel

Finding the best cat carrier for a plane can be difficult at times.  Planes require a specific size cat carrier in order to be placed below your feet.  If it’s too small your cat will be cramped during the plane trip.  If it’s too big then you won’t be able to have your cat with you.  I have taken the time and researched the 3 best cat carriers for planes.  These cat carriers were specifically designed with plane travel in mind and are already airline approved.

Pet Peppy Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The first recommended cat carrier for plane is the pet peppy airline approved cat carrier.  You can check the current pricing on amazon by clicking here.  This cat carrier is very safe and stable for your cat.  The bottom is reinforced with a thick wire frame to help the carrier hold it’s shape when it is being carrier around.  You can count on this carrier knowing that your cat will be safely secure and won’t be injured by a collapsing carrier.

As seen in the picture above, this cat carrier has two expandable sides.  This will give your cat extra room to move around in once he is placed beneath your feet in the airplane.  There is enough room in this carrier to fit one large adult cat.  You might be able to get away with 2 cats if they are small.

The cat carrier is made up of a mesh material to allow easy breathing and ventilation for your cat during the trip.  There is also enough storage space to store his favorite snacks, food, and a few toys.

This carrier comes equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carry and transportation while you are walking through the terminals and long lines at the airport.  The carrier is very light.  Without your cat or supplies inside, it is only about 1 pound.

As an added bonus, this cat carrier comes with a random colored pet bowl for food or water.  Also included is a seat belt strap to secure your carrier in the car.  In conclusion, this is a well rounded cat carrier to have even if you aren’t planning on traveling on a plane anytime soon.

PetsGo2 Airline Approved Pet Carrier

This is another cat carrier that is approved for most airlines.  The petsgo2 airline approved pet carrier has a sleek and robust design.  You can check current pricing here on amazon.  This carrier will be able to fit underneath the front seat in the cabin.  This is also a very safe and secure pet carrier.  It is made up of mesh for good breath ability and vision.  With the mesh, you will be able to routinely check up on your cat to see if he’s doing alright.

The design is simple and it works.  It’s a simple handbag design that you carry with a handle and strap.  If you don’t want to carry it, no sweat, you can just adjust the strap so you can just throw it over your shoulder.  This bag is very versatile.  The sides are also able to unzip and spread out to allow more room for your cat while in the cabin.

This bag can fit more than just your cat.  You can use it for small dogs, and practically any other animal the size of an adult cat.  The seller also offers a full 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.  All in all, you can’t go wrong with a pet carrier that is easy to transport, allows added space for your cat through expanding side panels, comes airline approved, and is very safe and secure.

Pet Magasin Luxary Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

This is another great airline approved cat carrier.  This would be a nice cat carrier to purchase if you were on a budget since it is quite a bit cheaper than the first 2 recommendations.  Check the current pricing here on amazon.  This is a good sized travel bag that you can easily throw over your shoulder to carry your cat with.

It is also soft-sided and very flexible which means it will fit into tighter spaces if need be.  Just because it’s flexible doesn’t mean that it’s not sturdy.  When it is fully zipped up it will keep your cat safe and secure.  Inside the bag is also a seat belt for added stability while traveling.  Unfortunately this bag does not come with extra storage to put snacks or treats.

The cat carrier is made up of a waterproof material which makes it easy to clean when it gets dirty.  Once you are done using it, it folds flat for easy storage.

The main downfall about this cat carrier is that it doesn’t have expandable sides to allow extra space for your cat to move around.  It is also smaller than the other 2 carriers I have listed up top.  This will be able to fit most cats and other small pets.  This will not fit any dogs bigger than small puppies.  If space and size of the carrier is not your main concern, then this would be the best budget buy.  This would not be the ideal cat carrier to use for long periods of time.  If you plan on camping, hiking, going to the beach, or any other adventure, it would be best to go with a more roomy carrier.

In Conclusion

When looking for the best cat carrier for a plane, size should be one of the main attributes to look for.  Having enough space for your cat will make a world of difference on the way your cat will respond during the trip.  Having a small, cramped carrier can cause your cat to be more anxious or scared.  It’s also a good idea to keep in mind if you will be using this cat carrier for many other activities.

If so, then purchasing a cat carrier that can suit all your needs is better in the end so you don’t end up buying 3 different cat carriers at the end of the day.  This will help save you a lot of money as well as time.

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