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I have always had cats, both growing up and now as an adult. I have been a pet behavioral therapist for a number of years now. I started this blog to help other cat owners, with advice, tips, best product reviews, and to create a warm and cat friendly community.

How to Keep Your Cat Off the Bed (Night & Day)

By Phil

In this article, I’m going to explain a few ways and methods on how to keep your cat off the bed at night or during the day. A friend of mine needed help stopping her cat sleeping on her bed recently and we were able to do it without too much difficulty. Even though her […]

Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Sink? (& How to Stop Them)

By Phil

Ever approached your sink with the intention of washing your hands only to find your cat sleeping in there? Me too! It’s not that uncommon. Why does my cat sleep in the sink? I can list a few reasons why my cat and most other cats like sleeping in the sink. They find comfort, security, […]

Why Does My Cat Sleep Outside My Bedroom Door? (It’s a Good Thing)

By Phil

Does your cat sleep outside your bedroom door every night? If you’re wondering why they choose to sleep outside your bedroom door instead of their nice comfy bed (or on yours), here are some of the reasons why cats choose to sleep outside doors. They Are Guarding You While You Sleep Despite cats having a […]

Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathtub? (It Makes Sense)

By Phil

If you’re wondering, why does my cat sleep in the bathtub when they have a perfectly nice, warm bed? You’re not alone. This is something that’s had cat owners scratching their heads over for years. It’s an interesting question because cats hate water and taking baths, but they love sleeping in empty baths. If we […]

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Pee? Explanations and Solutions

By Phil

Of all the curious behaviors my cat’s display, watching me pee and generally observing my bathroom behavior is one the strangest. There is always a reason behind everything cats do, however. So, it made me ask the question, why does my cat watch me pee? Should I be dissuading this behavior? Is there really anything […]

Cat Plays with Poop? Here’s What to Do

By Phil

If your cat plays with poop I can sympathize. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened for a few years since my cat was a kitten, but she used to play with her poop and it drove me mad for a short while. There are a few possible reasons, and some may be specific to your kitty. But, […]

Ideal Room Temperature for Cats in Winter Explained

By Phil

If winter is coming and temperatures are dropping, you’re right to make sure your cat is as warm and comfortable at home as you are. It’s easy when you’re there, and it’s nice when our cats curl up on our laps and share some warmth isn’t it? But you need to make sure they are […]

Why Do Cats Get the Zoomies? (Several Reasons)

By Phil

If your cat suddenly zooms off for what seems like no apparent reason, this is called a ‘zoomie’. But, why do cats get the zoomies? Are there causes and reasons to explain this behavior? Absolutely, there is. It’s worth trying to narrow down the possible reasons your cat is randomly running around the house like […]

Why Do Cats like Chlorine? (Risks & Reasoning)

By Phil

If you’ve come home from swimming to find your cat seems more affectionate to you than normal, you’re not alone. I wish I could say it’s because they missed you. But, the reality is that most cats are drawn to the smell of chlorine. So, that’s what they’re really after. A sniff of your wet […]

Why Do Cats like Bleach? (Explanation & Risks)

By Phil

Almost every cat owner that uses bleach around the home has asked themselves this question – why do cats like bleach? Right? Not only, why do they like bleach, but why do some cats get so crazy over the smell of bleach? We know how hazardous and toxic bleach is. And, I don’t know about […]

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