3d Cat Tattoo Designs: Lifelike and Realistic Tattoos!

3d Cat Tattoo Designs Lifelike and Realistic Tattoos!

I love 3d cat tattoo designs. As someone who can’t draw a stickman properly, I’m always blown away by how realistic and lifelike 3d cat tattoos are.

Just look through some of these below. It literally looks like some of them a real cats jumping off the skin, the detail of the 3d shading is that good.

Whether you’re thinking about getting a portrait of your cat or just like browsing awesome artwork – enjoy!

p.s. Check this post if you want to see more subtle, minimal cat tattoos. A huge lifelike portrait takes some courage!

The owner of this Sphynx cat can wear this portrait with pride.

It’s amazing how realistic it looks. The good thing about tattoos is that you can add things like the bling chain too!

This is a sweet portrait of a black and white cat on the inside of someone’s forearm.

A great place for a 3d cat tattoo design. You can show it off when you want, or keep it to yourself.

3d cat face tattoo on a leg. Works well with the dark fur and skilled shading work with white whiskers.

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This is my favorite, the open mouth and red tongue really set this one alive.

It’s incredibly realistically done, not sure if this cat is known for this exact look. Probably.

This is a cute 3d tattoo of a cat that looks kind of sad to be honest.

The color work around the edges and little paw prints leading away to the top is an awesome touch.

I prefer color cat portraits, but the black and white ones have an extra mystic and authentic feel to them where they lack in vibrancy, right?

I’d be proud of this portrait. Awesome job, very lifelike.

What’s better than one cat portrait tattoo? Two cat portraits of course.

This person made good use of having space on two arms and two cats.

I have fallen in love with this tattoo. It’s not a lifelike portrait, rather an artistic drawing of a cat – but it’s awesome.

A cute little cat in a sailor hat. Need I say more?

While not lifelike to a picture, the style of drawing of this 3d print is very interesting.

I’d love to see a picture of Meko. Looks like moody, thoughtful cat.

What isn’t there to love about these two images? Very interesting 3d cat images superbly tattooed.


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