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Best Cat Toys for Bored Cats

best cat toys for bored cats

If you find your cat getting into trouble constantly in the house, he may just be bored.  The best way to help relieve your cat of excess energy is to tire them out.  There are many different toys that work well if you find your cat being mischievous around the house.  Here are some of the best cat toys for bored cats that I have compiled here for you.  Every cat is different, but I assure you that most of the toys on this list will have your cat begging for more.  All these toys use the general concept of fast moving objects which taps into your cat’s natural instinct of hunting.

Ceesc Cat Ball Track Toy Set

Click here to see the current price of this toy on amazon.  The ceesc cat ball track toy set can entertain even the most bored of cats.  This toy is comes as a DIY assembly.  The main shape in the picture is a circle.  You are able to detach the pieces and combine them into different shapes as you please.  You can make a U shape, a question mark, a circle, a curve, and any other shape that comes to mind.  Once the toy is together, simply get your cat’s attention by spinning the ball in its track.  Watch as your cat tries to catch and swat the ball.

With the unique track feature, the ball will never be caught and will give your cat endless fun.  The toy has 4 sections that have holes that your cat can paw at to try and get the ball.  Not only is this great for bored cats, but it’s also good for kittens.  The interaction the toy gives your kitten will help with coordination and sensitivity to objects.  The toy is well designed with a buckle design system.  The parts simply snap into place and combine together without you having to worry about it coming apart.

The bottom of the toy has non-slip pads at the bottom that is attached by foam.  it will not damage floors and keeps the toy from sliding around when your cat is playing with it.  All in all, this toy is great.  It will help your cat get exercise and entertain him at the same time.

This toy will indirectly help keep your cat active which can help with weight loss.  The main downside to this toy is that it’s noisy.  If you have a cat that likes to stay up late, then you may be hearing the ball spin around the track at 1 in the morning.  The ball is made of plastic so it is anything but silent.

Assortment Of 20 Cat Toys

This is an awesome deal if you can’t decide what to get your bored cat.  Check out the current price on amazon by clicking here.  If your the type of person that has trouble picking the perfect item, then this is just for you.  This is a cat toy assortment pack that is bound to entertain almost any cat.

One of the toys included in this pack is a collapsible cat tunnel.  This is great if you have a curious type of cat that likes to get into trouble.  Simply expand the tunnel to set it up in your living room or bedroom.  For a more active toy, you can use the cat teaser wand that comes in this pack.  This type of toy is great for the interaction between the both of you since you will be the one playing with him.

This pack also comes with a lot of known toys that cats love to play with.  From balls, mice, and feather toys.  None of the toys require batteries which makes it an even better value.  There are enough toys to keep your cat entertained day in and day out for hours on end.  The company even offers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not totally satisfied with the product, then they will offer you a 100% money refund.  You get so many toys for the small price which usually makes it worth it to just keep in the end.  Great to get if you have multiple cats in the house as well.

User Reviews

There are lots of people that have given great reviews to this assortment pack.  Many have said that they have spent up to 100 dollars at their leading pet stores to get as many toys that come in this pack.  In the long run, this assortment pack will save you money and may be the only purchase you have to make to keep your cat entertained.

Tower Of Tracks Ball And Track Interactive Toy For Cats

The tower of tracks ball and track toy is another great product.  This is very similar to the first product I mentioned, except it has a different design with more balls.  You can check the current price by clicking here.  This ball and track toy has the unique design with 3 levels of balls for your cat.  There are 3 levels of tracks with 3 different colored balls to help keep your cat active and entertained.  The idea of using 3 balls instead of one is to help stimulate your cat’s senses and excite their mind as they try to attack every ball.

The toy features a closed top and non-slip pads at the base of the toy to prevent sliding around the floor.  Since the toy has 3 levels of balls, you can play with your cat and help encourage him to play all at the same time.  The reason cats are so inclined to play with these types of toys are because it channels their basic instinct, which is hunting, as they attack and chase the fast moving balls.

Have you ever seen your cat lunge at the window if they see a bird or flies?  This is their natural instinct to hunt which is turned on when they see fast moving objects like this.  The only real complaint of this toy is the balls getting lost.

User Reviews

A lot of users recommend buying ping pong balls to replace any lost balls.  There was a previous version of this toy without a closed top that was causing cats to have their heads stuck by being too curious.  This issue has been fixed with the new closed top design.  Your cat can play with this without you having to worry if they will get hurt.

Final Thoughts

Best Flea Spray For Home And Furniture

best flea spray for home and furniture

It’s almost inevitable that you will have to deal with fleas on your cat at some point.  Keeping fleas under control in your home will require you to purchase some type of flea treatment.  I have listed a few of the best flea sprays for home and furniture.  There are numerous options on the market when it comes to flea treatments that it can be very overwhelming.  There are a few important factors you need to look out for when choosing a flea spray for your home.

  1. You will want to make sure that the flea spray actually works
  2. You will want it to be safe enough to be used in your house and on affected furniture
  3. Non toxic formula that won’t harm your cat or family when they come in contact with it

Vets Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

Check the current price by clicking here to see it on amazon.  Vets best home spray is going to be the number one pick when it comes to indoor sprays for your home and furniture.  This formula is very strong and effective.  Not only will it kill fleas, but it will also kill flea eggs and ticks on contact.  This formula also has a few ingredients that will also help repel mosquitoes which makes this flea spray very versatile.

This formula was specifically created for cats.  The formula is safe to use around the house as well as around your family if used as directed.  This flea spray is safe enough to use directly on kittens or cats that are at least 12 weeks of age.  If your cat is younger than 12 weeks, it is not advised to use directly on your cat.  What makes this flea spray less harsh than other sprays on the market is its unique plant based formula.

It is mainly composed of essential oils and plant based ingredients.  Plant based ingredients are non toxic by nature which means you do not have to worry about your family or cat getting sick from being exposed to it.

Another great feature about this flea spray is that it will not stain.  You can go ahead and use this spray indoor and outdoors without the worry of ruining your favorite couch or table.  Use it liberally on your cat’s furniture, carriers, pillows, beds, blankets, and any other area that may be affected with fleas.

Wondercide Flea and Ticks Spray For Cats and Home

Wondercide flea and tick spray is another great flea spray for home and furniture.  You can see the current price of this item by clicking here to see it on amazon.  This is another very effective flea spray for your cat and home.  The spray will kill and stop the life cycle of fleas and ticks in your home on contact.  Find all of your cat’s favorite hiding places as well as all the nooks and crannies in your house where fleas may be hiding to ensure proper treatment of the outbreak.

This spray is made up of non toxic ingredients which makes it safe and less harsh than other chemical pesticides on the market.  The spray is safe to use on your cat, bedding, flooring, couches, tables, chairs, fabrics, and any other types of furniture.  Old furniture or cat toys may also be discarded if badly infected.

This spray will also not stain due to its non harsh ingredients list.  This means you don’t have to worry about spraying your counter or wall by accident.  The spray is also safe to use on cats and dogs of all sizes and ages.  Not only does this do a great job and getting rid of fleas, but it also helps your cat maintain healthy skin and coat.  Once applied to your cats coat, he will be protected for several weeks.  You can reapply as needed per the instructions on the bottle.

Adams Flea and Tick Home Spray

Adams flea and tick home spray is another great flea spray for your home and furniture.  This is a great spray to use if you are on a budget and is about half the price of other sprays on the market.  You can see the current price of this item by clicking here to go to amazon.  This is another spray that was specifically designed to be safe for indoor use.  There are no harsh chemicals or pesticides in this product.

It is safe enough to use on your upholstery as well as directly on your cat.  This flea spray is best used to protect your home from fleas building up over time.  Spray this spray around your house even if you do not have fleas.  One treatment of this spray will give continuous protection for about 7 months after being applied.  If being used directly on your cat, you will have to apply it more often than if you were using it  on your house.  This is to make sure your cat is constantly being protected from potential outbreaks.

In Conclusion

When looking for the best flea spray for home and furniture it is essential to first find a spray that is safe for indoor use.  Stay away from harsh formulas that contain poisonous chemicals or harmful pesticides.  It won’t do any good if you get your family or cat sick during the treatment phase of fleas.

These flea sprays should be used on a regular basis even if your cat has been cured of fleas.  Using a flea spray on a daily basis will help ensure that a new flea outbreak will not happen.  Most of these sprays also help prevent other types of infestations as well like bed bugs, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Can Cats Eat Greek Yogurt? (The Surprising Truth About Cats and Yogurts)

Can Cats Eat Greek Yogurt

Can cats eat Greek yogurt? Is it different than normal yogurt for them? Does the flavor of yogurt cats eat make a difference? All these questions and more answered…

Is It Safe for Cats to Eat Yogurt?

You’ve probably heard that a lot of cats are lactose intolerant, right?

This is true. Kittens are able to digest lactose and feed off their mother’s milk for up to 8-10 weeks.

As cats get older and they no longer need milk they stop producing the enzyme that helps them to digest lactose.

This is why it’s not recommended you give your cat milk and other dairy products. Even though a bowl of milk or cream it something we associate with being some of a cat’s favorite treats.

But yogurt is a dairy product and has lactose in I hear you say….

Yes, this is true. But yogurt is a bit different, and there are many times of yogurt.

First of all, yogurt contains good bacterias which makes it easier to digest, and some have probiotics, which can help with digestive issues.

Furthermore, Greek yogurt in particular has around half the lactose of a full-fat yogurt. It’s also tastier if you ask me, and because of its creamier texture, plenty of cats agree.

The bottom line is this – Yogurt is not toxic to cats and not dangerous in small amounts.

Yogurts lower in lactose like Greek yogurts are the best types of yogurt to feed your cat in small amounts.

They can even help with some digestive issues, relieve the symptoms of diarrhea, and help loosen the stool and bowel movements for a constipated cat.

Is Greek Yogurt Lactose-Free?

So Should You Feed Your Cat Greek Yogurt

I often hear people referring to Greek yogurt as lactose-free, which is why a lot of cat owners choose it over regular yogurt.

The fact is, Greek yogurt has less lactose than regular yogurt. But unless it’s specifically stated as being lactose-free, it’s not.

Greek yogurt goes through several straining processes which removes a lot of the whey and lactose to get its creamy and unique taste.

It typically has around half the lactose content of regular yogurt.

Is Yogurt Good for Cats?

Yogurts are tasty and healthy foods for us humans, but do the same rules apply to cats?

Some of the vitamins and minerals found in yogurts are also beneficial for cats. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are all good for cats in small amounts.

These are minerals found and balanced out in their normal foods however, and it’s not necessary to boost them from yogurt.

It’s the good bacterias and living cultures found in yogurts that provides the most benefits to cats already enjoying a balanced diet.

So, Should You Feed Your Cat Greek Yogurt?

As I’ve discussed, there isn’t anything wrong with feeding your cat a little Greek yogurt. If they enjoy it, it’s a nice treat that they will love you for it.

Stick to plain unflavored Greek yogurts, and only give them small amounts on occasion or to help with one of the issues I covered above.

I’d say licking your yogurt pot when you’ve finished is more than enough, and it’s a fun way to share and bond with your kitty.

It’s completely safe in small amounts, and even a good idea to try giving them a little yogurt if they are constipated.

Just keep a close eye on your cat the first time they try Greek yogurt. If they have an upset stomach or show and ill-effects then you should assume they are allergic and add it to the banned list.

Some Other Commonly Asked Questions About Cats and Yogurt

Can Cats Eat Flavored Yogurt, Such as Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry, Etc

Can Cats Eat Flavored Yogurt, Such as Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry, Etc

I advise you always stick to plain, unflavored yogurt. Especially in the case of feeding your cat Greek yogurt.

Some of the more popular flavors of yogurt like strawberry and vanilla may taste like real strawberries or vanilla, but the reality is there are likely loads of flavorings and additives to give it this flavor.

Cats are much more interested in plain yogurt anyway in my experience. Although I’m sure you prefer flavored yogurt, I know I do.

So, in the case of sweet-toothed kitties, I recommend keeping flavored yogurts out of their reach. Just look at it like this, there is more bad than good to come from cats eating flavored yogurts.

Can Cats Eat Yogurt with Honey?

I’ve covered how much and what types of yogurt cats can eat in this article, but honey is a different story.

Cats should not eat honey, so the answer to yogurt with honey is also no. Just leave the honey out of it, it’s not toxic or anything like that but it’s too rich in sugar and high in calories to be suitable for cats.

Don’t panic if you find out your cat has liked a little honey. Or even if you’ve been giving them a little as an occasional treat, but switch to something else in the future is my advice.

Best Probiotic Yogurt for Cats?

I can’t say there is a ‘best’ when it comes to probiotic yogurts for cats. If you’re feeding your cat some yogurt then most lactose-free probiotic yogurts are going to be the same.

If you want to give your cat probiotics as a digestive aid however then I recommend using products specifically designed for cats. This is the ‘best’ option by far.

I recommend using a product like this one from Premo Probiotics. This product has been specifically formulated to help treat diarrhea, vomiting, hot spots, and other digestive issues.

Is Yogurt Good for Cats with Constipation?

If your cat is constipated there are some foods that can help provide some relief. Dairy products are known to help, so yes, yogurt can help soften their stool relieve the pain.

Other dairy products like sour cream, whipped cream, and milk can also help if they prefer these.

I recommend trying olive oil too, this is what I’ve used on a couple of occasions and it helped my cat poop within a couple of hours.

Is Yogurt Good for Cats with Diarrhea?

Giving a cat with diarrhea some yogurt to relieve the symptoms has been a home remedy I’ve heard about for years – but does it actually help?

Yes, it does and there is some science behind why yogurt helps cats with diarrhea.

Yogurt contains probiotics, which helps to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea, along with stomach cramps, gas, and other painful issues for your cat.

I always recommend lactose-free yogurt as most cats become lactose intolerant as they age, so it’s a safer option.

Related: If you’re wondering if cats can eat whipped cream I covered that here.

Famous Cat T-Shirts as Seen on TV Shows, Movies, and Celebs

Famous Cat T-Shirts as Seen on TV Shows, Movies, and Celebs

Ever seen a cat shirt being worn on a TV show, in a scene from a movie, in a music video, etc, and wondering where you can get your hands on it?

I know I have.

I’ve usually managed to find the ones I wanted, or at least very similar replicas if the original t-shirt wasn’t available.

I thought I’d do the hard work for you and wrote up this article to roundup some of the best and most sought-after cat t-shirts as seen on TV shows, movies, and online memes.

Hopefully you’ll find something you’ve been looking for, or a cool kitty t-shirt will catch your eye that you want.

Famous Cat T-Shirts as Seen on TV Shows, Movies, and Celebs

Cat Shirts as Seen on Workaholics (TV Show)

Cat Shirts as Seen on Workaholics (TV Show)Cat Shirts as Seen on Workaholics (TV Show)

Workaholics is one of my favorite comedy shows. If you’ve never seen it I recommend checking it out for sure – if you enjoy slightly crude comedies.

For fans of the show wondering where Blake got some of his super-cool cat t-shirts from, the company behind them is The Mountain.

The Mountain has a huge range of tees I recommend checking out. They have their own unique print-style using water-based ink that creates these really life-like images and stands out from the crowd.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cat Shirt Designs as Seen on Black-ish (TV Show)

Cat Shirt Designs as Seen on Black-ish (TV Show)Diane wore some cool sequin cat shirts on the show Black-ish that had people running to the stores to find.

Her original shirt was actually sold by H&M but is no longer available. The next best thing however is to make your own, which, is even better if you ask me.

You can buy a cat sequin designs like the one above and make your own custom shirts or sweaters that look like the ones you saw on Black-ish.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cat Shirts as Seen on Liv and Maddie (TV Show)

Cat Shirts as Seen on Liv and Maddie (TV Show)Joey from Liv and Maddie wore some really cool cat shirts in different episodes of the hit Disney Channel TV show.

He wore a shirt with a cat in a banana, a cat on a hoverboard, and this one which is my favorite and probably the one most people look for – a cat surfing on a piece of pizza!

It’s made by Goodie Two Sleeves and you can check out this shirt and more from their range via the link below.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cat Shirt as Seen on Neighbors (Movie)

Cat Shirt as Seen on Neighbors (Movie)
If you’re looking for the cat shirt Seth Rogen wore in Neighbors with the cat face above the watermelon and the bite mark then I have some good and bad news.

The bad news is that OddFuture (the company that made the shirt) no longer sell that exact shirt.

The good news is that there are plenty of other cool shirts with cats and watermelons that look similar. The one I’ve featured above is similar enough and just as cool.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cats in Space Shirts (As Seen Everywhere)

Cats in Space Shirts Floating AroundLaser eye cat in space t shirt
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you will know about the series of cats in space shirts that are insanely popular.

It’s easy to see why too – they are so cool. The designs are eye-catching, people always ask about the shirts, and there are loads to choose from.

I included two of the most popular designs above with the cats in space and the cat with laser eyes. Just click the link to browse more and pick up one of these awesome shirts that every cat lover should own.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cat Shirt with Hidden Cat in Pocket Flipping Off (As Seen on TV)

Cat Shirt with Hidden Cat in Pocket Flipping Off (As Seen on TV)I can’t put together a list of famous and well-known or sought after cat t-shirts without including a cat t-shirt with a cheeky cat in the pocket ready to flip off anyone who looks.

I’m not sure of the origin of these shirts as once they became popular they started popping up in their masses with all kinds of designs.

I love these though. You can keep it clean around people you need to, then unleash the single finger salute when it’s needed. HA.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cat Shirt Taylor Swift Shake It Off (Music Video)

Cat Shirt Taylor Swift Shake It Off (Music Video)Like a lot of these shirts from a few years ago, I did my investigation work and went down every avenue I could to find the exact shirt only to find it’s no longer in print.

I’ve found a very similar shirt however that comes close to the style of cat shirt Taylor Swift wore in her video for Shake it Off.

This is a popular generic style of cat shirt that would be most welcome as a gift for any occasion anyway. So, if you have someone in mind why not gift one to them.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cat Shirts with the Middle Finger (As Seen Everywhere)

Cat Shirts with the Middle Finger - I do what I wantReal men tolerate cats - cat shirt with the middle finger
The internet loves a cheeky meme. Make it a cheeky cat meme and you’ve got a winner, and that’s exactly why there is a wave of cat shirts and other products with images of cats flipping the middle finger.

Here are two examples of popular shirts. ‘Real men tolerate cats,’ and ‘I do what I want.’ You can also find that cheeky kitty on the real men tolerate cats shirt on my best cat mugs article.

It’s a little rebellious, funny, hopefully mildly offensive to people, and they look cool so they get my vote.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Cat Shirt with Pizza and Taco (As Seen on TV/Online)

Cat Shirt with Pizza and Taco (As Seen on TV/Online)If you’re looking for the ever-popular cat shirt with a cat holding a taco in one hand, and a slice of pizza in the other, look no further.

For those who have never seen this meme, this shirt is going to look a bit bizarre. It’s been popularized in online meme’s and been spotting on TV shows.

It falls into the cat in space category. I absolutely love these shirts and can’t get enough of them.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

The Mountain Krakitten T-Shirt

The Mountain Krakitten T-ShirtI had to give this cat shirt a special mention as it’s one of the best-designed cat shirts I’ve ever seen and I’ve started seeing it pop up more as it becomes more popular.

It’s made by The Mountain, a company that is known for their incredible designs and high-quality shirts. They are pioneers of water-based ink and that’s how they get their photo-realistic look.

I love the play on words too. They’ve taken the mythical creature Kracken and created a scary looking ‘Krakitten.’

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Grumpy Cat T-Shirts (Online Celebrity Cat)

Grumpy Cat T-Shirts (Online Celebrity Cat)

With 2.4 million Instagram followers Grumpy Cat is in that elite group of Instagram famous cats that I’ve no doubt you’ve seen and heard of.

He has one of the more successful merchandise lines because of his distinctive grumpy face that’s easily recognizable all over the world.

This ‘NO’ grumpy cat shirt is one of the most popular. I bought one a while ago for a friend and she said it’s a great conversation starter when she’s out and always gets noticed.

Click here to see this cat shirt on Amazon

Is There a Cat Shirt You’re Looking For?

Is there a cat shirt you’ve seen somewhere that you really want to get your hands on?

Tell me where and when you saw it and I’ll see if I can help you find it.

Best Shampoo For Cats With Fleas

best shampoo with cats for fleas

Having to deal with fleas and ticks is a normal issue pet cat owners are going to face one time or another.  Fleas can really be a nuisance if they are not contained.  Finding the best shampoo for cats with fleas doesn’t have to be difficult.  I have compiled a few shampoos for your cat that are worth using in order to get rid of these little pests.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo

Adams plus flea and tick shampoo is one of the top picks on amazon.  You can check the current pricing on amazon by clicking here.  When it boils down to picking the right flea shampoo for your cat, your main concerns are safety and the longevity of the flea control.  Adams plus shampoo will kill fleas, ticks, and lice all at once.  It will even get rid of the larvae and eggs that are nesting in your cat’s fur.  Not many shampoos are able to kill the flea eggs which makes this flea shampoo stand out over the rest of them.

This shampoo is best used at the first sign of fleas on your cat.  If used during the early stages, when the fleas are not yet adults, the shampoo is able to kill and rid the fleas for up to 28 days.  This makes this shampoo an excellent shampoo to use once a month on your cat even if he doesn’t have fleas.  Remember, the best treatment is preventing the issue altogether in the first place.

This shampoo is versatile.  You can use this on kittens, adult cats, dogs, and puppies so there is no need to purchase multiple different flea shampoos for your pets.  Although it is safe to use on puppies, the product does state that you are not to use this shampoo on puppies that are under 12 weeks.  It is best to talk to your vet before applying any type of flea treatment to a young cat or dog.

The shampoo is also safe enough for you to apply without wearing gloves which makes it easier to give your cat a bath.  It is also alright to apply it on your pet if they have scabies, mange, or bites on them as the formula is not harsh.  More than likely it will soothe your pet on contact.

Overall this is a pretty good product.  It is not harsh on your pets skin.  It will get rid of fleas, ticks, and lice and prevent any new growth for up to 28 days.

Vets Best Flea and Tick Waterless Bath Foam Dry Shampoo

The vets best dry bath foam is another great treatment for you cat.  Check out the current pricing for this item here on amazon.  This product stands out because because it is a water-less shampoo treatment for your cat.  If you have issues giving your cat a bath, then this would be the best solution.  It’s very effective even though it is a foam.

It is advertised to be able to kill fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on contact.  It is also a good repellent for mosquitoes.  The dry foam is simply applied and rubbed into your cats coat and skin.  There is no need to rinse out the shampoo as it will dry naturally.  This formulas was designed specifically for cats in mind.  It uses many essential oils and plant based ingredients that are safe on your cat.

Just like the previous product, this is safe to use on cats of almost all ages.  It is not recommended to be used on cats that are younger than 12 months of age as they are still developing.  Overall this is an excellent product if you want to avoid giving your cat a bath.  If your cat is like most, he will hate to be given a bath.

Honeydew Natural Pet Shampoo

Honeydew’s shampoo for pets is another great option to use as a regular shampoo on your cat.  You can check the current pricing here on amazon.  This is a great shampoo to use on your cat that has dry or sensitive skin.  The shampoo will help by naturally cleaning the skin from dirt, dandruff, and buildup.  It will also leave your cat smelling fresh.

There are no harsh chemicals or ingredients used in Honeydew’s shampoo.  It uses mostly essential oils to make up its formula.  It also has anti-itch properties in the formula that will help your cat that has been bitten by fleas or ticks.  This means that this shampoo is a great follow up to use after using a general flea treatment shampoo.

The shampoo is also safe for your cats eyes and will not irritate them during a bath.  There are no artificial fragrances or additives used in the formula which helps alleviate any types of allergies your cat may have.

Honeydew’s pet shampoo will also help to naturally repel mosquitoes.  The lemongrass and citronella essential oils that are inside this product are what causes it to be a natural mosquito repellent.  Lemongrass and citronella are known essential oils to keep mosquitoes away.

This company also offers a money back guarantee for their product and stand behind its effectiveness.  This is awesome because you can test out the shampoo for yourself without any worry.  If it doesn’t live up to its expectations, you can simply contact the company.  Just let them know that this product wasn’t what you expected for your cat.  Not many companies will offer a full refund which shows they are confident in their product.

In conclusion, this shampoo is primarily used as a normal cleaning agent for your cat.  It is best used as a follow up to a stronger flea based shampoo.

What Are the Symptoms of Diabetes in Cats?

what are the symptoms of diabetes in cats

Keeping good watch over your cat’s health is something every responsible cat owner should do, especially if you take your cat out regularly.  What are the symptoms of diabetes in cats you ask?

The signs and symptoms of diabetes in cats are very similar to the signs and symptoms that we get.  There are many preventive measures that you can take to help make sure your cat doesn’t get diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Believe it or not, there is actually a substantial amount of cats around the world that are developing diabetes.  Diabetes is when your body is unable to produce enough insulin to balance blood sugar levels.  Blood sugar is also referred to as glucose.  If diabetes is left untreated, it can cause many issues within the body.

These include: vomiting, weight loss, dehydration, loss in appetite, depression, blurred vision, depression, decreased motor function, and in rare cases death.  Luckily there are many signs and symptoms you can look out for so you can treat it before it gets out of control.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Cats?

There are many signs and symptoms to watch for.  Increased thirst and urination is one of the early symptoms that you can spot in your cat.  Take a look at how often you are refilling his water bowl.  Don’t forget to check his litter box as well.  Have you been having to scoop it more often due to urination?  Diabetes is also seen more commonly in obese cats than average sized cats.  Your cat may also exhibit increased hunger due to their body not being able to use glucose properly.

Treatments for Diabetes

One of the main things you can do to help tackle your cat’s diabetes is his diet.  It is widely known that you will need to watch your cat’s carbohydrate intake if they have diabetes.  It will be best to put your cat on a low carb diet.  Low carb cat food like this one from amazon would be a good choice due to it being grain free.  Changing your cat’s diet is one of the easiest things you can do to help combat this disease.

The next treatment you can do for your cat is insulin therapy.  There are oral medications that you can use on your cat, but they usually have much more side effects and are only used when you cannot give your cat straight insulin.  Insulin therapy is done in conjunction with your vet.  They will be able to tell you the doses of insulin as well as the frequency that it will need to be administered.  It is not recommended to do insulin therapy on your own because it is a little different in cats than humans.

Do I Have to Check My Cat’s Blood?

The blood tests are normally done at the vet.  You are able to do them at home as well if you feel comfortable.  Some people are scared or afraid to administer or check blood glucose levels.  If you have a loved one that is a diabetic and you have given them insulin or checked their blood glucose levels, then it won’t be much different on your cat.  There are special glucose meters you can purchase specifically for your cat.

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Getting Diabetes?

Once your cat has diabetes it is very hard to cure.  The most you can do is try to keep it under control.  The best thing you can do to help your cat from getting diabetes is keeping their diet on track.  Refrain from feeding your cat table food and especially fast food.  Feeding your cat fast food or table food can cause excessive weight gain due to the excess amount of calories that are usually found in these types of food.

Putting your cat on a higher protein cat food will help in the long run with weight control.  There is no for sure way to make sure your cat does not get diabetes.  Some breeds of cats are just more prone to getting it than others.  Genetics also play a large factor on if your cat will acquire diabetes.

What Health Issues Are Associated With Diabetes?

Diabetes causes the body to be more susceptible to infections and injuries because high blood sugar levels can weaken the immune system as well as decrease blood flow to the extremities.  Bladder infection is one of the main issues you will run into with your cat.  The best thing to do is to give your cat a cranberry based urinary supplement to help fight infection of the bladder.  Your cat will also be very prone to foot infections due to the decreased blood flow throughout his extremities.  If diabetes is left untreated, your cat may also go blind.  This is called glaucoma.  This is when the eyes become foggy which causes vision to decrease.  This decrease in vision will eventually lead to blindness.  Your cat’s ability to heal and fight off infections is also greatly impacted from elevated blood sugar levels.

How Long Will My Cat Live With Diabetes?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to know how long your cat will live with diabetes.  Diabetes can indeed shorten your cat’s lifespan.  This is partly due to the increased amount of infections your ca may encounter.  If your cat’s diabetes is poorly controlled, his health can get critical very fast.  If you help control the diabetes, then your cat may live to be just as old as a cat without diabetes.  This requires a daily and lifelong commitment if you want to properly manage your cat’s diabetes.

Tips For Helping Your Cat With Diabetes

Always have a bowl of water nearby and full.  You will want to make sure your cat stays hydrated at all times to help prevent injuries and infections.  Switch your cat’s food over to a grain free blend to help reduce carbohydrate intake.  Monitor your cats blood sugar level weekly with your own glucose monitor at home instead of waiting to go to the vet.  This will help you keep on top of your cats diabetes.  If you plan on taking your cat on trips and adventures be sure to always keep an eye on them to make sure they stay away from any potential dangers from outside life.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Cats

how to prevent motion sickness in cats

So you’ve traveled a few times with your cat.  He may have shown signs of being sick or drowsy.  You are probably wondering how to prevent motion sickness in cats?  Whether you went to his yearly trip to the vet or just to go out for a quick hike, it’s always a good idea to be prepared.  Believe it or not, motion sickness in cats is a real thing.  First of all, what is motion sickness?

Motion sickness in cats is similar to when humans get motion sickness.  Have you ever tried to read a book while a car is in motion?  To lots of people it can cause you to get dizzy or have “motion sickness”  Continue on and I will teach you how to be prepared in case your little feline friend decides to get motion sickness while you are traveling.

What Causes Motion Sickness In Cats?

Motion sickness can happen in more than one place.  Motion sickness is most common on boats and in cars.  It occurs when the constant movement of a vehicle disrupts a cat’s sense of balance.  Motion sickness affects all cats regardless of age, size, and breed.  It is also more likely to affect a kitten than an adult cat because they are still developing.  Although a kitten is more likely to get motion sickness, I believe it is best to start them young.  The quicker your cat acclimates to car rides, the better it will be in the future when you start traveling a lot more.

Not only does the constant bumps and vibration cause motion sickness, it is also possible that your car’s engine noise can disrupt and cause stress to your cat.  Motion sickness from a car ride is not fatal, but it can cause fear and subsequent rides in a car will be much harder for your cat.  Motion sickness in cats can also cause dehydration and anxiety.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Motion Sickness?

The first thing to do is examine your cat.  He may look lethargic and may not eat a snack when he is given one.  Your cat will start to be very vocal during the trip when they start to experience motion sickness and they may also start to excessively drool.  During prolonged periods of motion sickness, your cat may also begin to pant.  This is usually a sign that your cat is dehydrated because cat’s do not sweat the same way us humans do.

Another sign of motion sickness in your cat is restlessness.  Restlessness comes in a few forms.  Your cat will start to be more vocal and will constantly be moving around or “restless”.  Your cat may also experience vomiting.  Motion sickness makes your cat dizzy and causes nausea.  This leads can lead to dehydration which can be fatal if it is not addressed accordingly.  Your cat may also start to urinate or have bowel movements more frequently.  You will easily be able to tell this is happening by the smell of your car.

Don’t worry, the more your cat rides in the car with you, the less likely he will become car sick.  It’s better to start traveling with your cat when they are young so once you start your adventures, he will also be accustomed to riding in a car.

Can I Give My Cat Motion Sickness Medicine?

Yes.  You can actually give your cat medicine to treat motion sickness before going on a trip.  You can use an over the counter medicine like dramamine from amazon.  A safe dose to give your cat is 12.5 mg.  These tablets are dosed at 50 mg per tab, and have a score down the middle for easy cutting.  Once you cut the pill in half you will then need to cut it in half once more to create a quarter pill which is 12.5 mg.

Be careful not to overdose your cat on this medication because the side effects can be potentially fatal depending on the dose.  I would also advise speaking to your cat’s vet before giving them any form of over the counter medication.  Some cats will respond fine while other cats may have a negative reaction.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness In Cats Naturally

You may just have bad luck and your cat is more prone to car sickness than another cat.  All cats are different in this aspect.  Some will handle cars without getting sick at all, while others will get sick almost every time until they get used to it.  The single best way to help your cat through motion sickness is to get them used to traveling inside their carrier.  Take them with you whenever you leave the house to expose them to as much drive time as possible.

This may seem counter productive at first, but after awhile you will slowly start to notice subtle changes in the way your cat behaves during the car rides.  He will start to act more “normal”.  Start getting your cat used to his carrier by slowly introducing it to him at home.  Leave the carrier door open and leave cat treats inside.  Always reward his behavior whenever he goes inside his cat carrier.  Encourage him to play near it as well as sleep in it at night time.

Once you feel that your cat is used to his carrier, you can start placing him inside the car while he is in his carrier.  Remember, always use positive reinforcement with him and the carrier.  This is very important to calming him down once he is inside the carrier and car.  The next step is to start the engine and do small drives around the block to get your cat used to the feel of the car.

This is not the time to take him on a 100 mile road trip.  Start small and gradually increase the distance traveled every few days or so.  This will also give you a good idea on how your cat behaves while you are driving.  It’s easier to handle the situation when you are just doing test drives.  How awful would it be if your cat started panting, vomiting, and shaking while you were on your way to a trail for a hike?

Car Comfort Tips for Your Cat

  • There are a variety of things you can do to help keep your cat comfortable during a car ride.
  • Make sure you plan your trip ahead of time and make sure he hasn’t just eaten.  A cat with a full belly is more likely to get motion sickness than a cat with an empty stomach.  If you must feed your cat, wait a few hours before you start your travel.
  • Be sure to place your cat in the correct position.  Do not face him backwards or sideways.  Always keep him facing forward toward the front to help with his orientation.  Keeping his orientation correct will help prevent motion sickness.
  • Have you ever felt stuffy while riding in a car?  Well so does your cat.  Go ahead and crank the ac on to give him a breath of fresh air.  Circulating the air in your car will help him from getting sick as well.
  • I already said that the noise from your cars engine can cause anxiety in your cat.  For your first few trips try to refrain from playing loud music.  This will just be another form of stress added to your already stressed out cat.
  • If you notice your cat starting to show signs and symptoms of motion sickness, go ahead and take a quick break.  Stop your car and go for a small walk to calm him down and relieve his motion sickness.  The short stroll and fresh air will work wonders for him.

Preventing Motion Sickness On A Boat

Motion sickness is very common when on a boat.  Being on a swaying boat usually gets to the best of us as well.  I remember the first time I went whale watching at the pier.  About halfway through the trip I just started to feel really dizzy.  After the dizziness then cam the nausea.  I didn’t actually end up throwing up during my whale watching trip, but it definitely made my trip less enjoyable.  Well the same thing can happen to your cat while on a boat as well.  Boating with your cat can be a good time, but you will need to know how to keep him safe from motion sickness.  Your cat’s chances of catching motion sickness on a boat is very high.

The main thing you can do for your cat is to keep him away from the middle and top of the deck while the boat is in motion.  The higher up your cat is on the boat means the more of the waves that he is going to feel.  It is best to keep your cat below deck levels in order to prevent motion sickness from creeping up on him.  The waves and shaking are felt substantially less on the bottom floors.  This is also a good tip for humans that tend to get motion sickness on boats as well.

Another thing to do to help prevent motion sickness in your cat is to put him in his cat carrier on a cooling pad while the boat is in motion.  Keeping your cat on the bottom deck in a carrier will help minimize your cat’s movement.  Adding a cooling pad like this one from amazon will also help in relieving anxiety and nausea that may be building up from the boat rocking.

What Do I Do If My Cat Starts Vomiting?

There is nothing much you can do about the vomiting part.  You will have to wait until your cat stops vomiting before aiding him.  Once his vomiting has subsided he may be dehydrated.  This is a good time to slowly introduce water.  The keyword here is slowly.  Giving him too much water at once can cause his electrolyte imbalance to worsen.  If your cat will not drink water (this may be the case) because he is not feeling well then you can try to provide him with some wet cat food.  Wet cat food has a small amount of water and may help in replenishing lost fluids.  It may not be much, but at least it’s something.  Avoiding giving your cat any treats or dry food at this point until you are sure he is starting to feel better.

Does My Cat Need To See The Vet If He Gets Motion Sickness?

For the most part no.  Your cat does not need to go to the vet if he has had an episode of motion sickness.  Motion sickness is not a disease or an illness.  Motion sickness is more commonly referred to as a temporary condition.  Once your cat escapes the source that is causing the motion sickness then he should be fine.  The only time you will need to take your cat to the vet due to motion sickness is if he gets severe dehydration.  Severe dehydration can happen if your cat decides to not drink or eat for a few days after vomiting from motion sickness.  Your cat will act lethargic, tired, and will most likely not be himself when he is dehydrated.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you have experienced motion sickness at least one time in your life whether on a boat or in a car.  The reality is it sucks.  I remember getting motion sickness the first time I went whale watching.  I couldn’t enjoy the trip at all because I was too busy trying not to vomit.  In essence, motion sickness in cats works the same way.  They will learn to hate going in the car and that is the last thing you want for you feline friend.  Start slow and take the needed steps to acclimate him to car rides.  I’m sure if you take everything I have mentioned and put it to use, traveling with your cat won’t be as difficult as you thought.

Who Is Lil Bub? (Health Conditions, Net Worth, Pictures, and More)

Who is Lil Bub the Instagram famous cat

I featured some of the best Instagram cat accounts to follow if you love looking at cute, funny, and interesting cat pics.

Or maybe you’re just interested in Instagram and the how’s and why’s these kitties have become so famous?

Whatever the reason, these Instagram accounts are huge. There are loads of famous cats on Instagram that have hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers.

They also generate their owner’s thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One such cat is Lil Bub. She is one of the most famous cats on Instagram and at the time of writing this had around 1.7 million followers.

She is also the cutest kitty of the bunch in my opinion and has quite the story.

Which is why I thought I’d write up this article introducing you all to Lil Bub, providing some of her background, and how she has become one of the most famous cats on the internet.

Who Is Lil Bub?

Some of Lil Bub’s Best Instagram Photos

There is only one BUB. #lilbub #bilbobubbins #mostamazingcreatureontheplanet

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A freshly bathed BUB with a Spooky photo-bomb bonus. #lilbub #spookythecat

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BUBook worm. #lilbub #goodjobbub #dontpanic #42 #thanksforallthefishes

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Magic personified as a cat.

A post shared by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

What Is Wrong with Bub the Cat?

You may have noticed that Lil Bub has some genetic anomalies. Which have been described as being responsible for ‘one of nature’s happiest accidents,’ which I think is an awesome explanation.

Bub is a ‘perma-kitten‘, which I will explain in more detail. This basically means she will always be the size of a kitten and keep those cute kitten-like features. Often mistaken for a kitten because of this, but Bub is actually 6 years old.

She also has feline dwarfism, which has caused her limbs to be disproportionate to the rest of her body. This causes her some difficulty moving around, and she can’t perform all the agile movements of a normal cat.

You will also have noticed her tongue hangs out. This is because her lower jaw has never fully formed and she is missing some teeth.

She is also polydactyl, which means she has extra toes. One extra toe on each paw in fact, which means this unique kitty has a total of 22 toes!

As far as I can find out Bub is also the only cat on record to have been diagnosed with osteopetrosis. A rare bone condition that causes the bones to harden making mobility more difficult over time.

So, quite the list of health conditions. But with the exceptional love and care she receives from her owner Bub is able to live as normal a life as possible (while being an internet celebrity).

Lil Bub was barely able to move. It was down to Mike trying a few different treatments. It was pulsed electromagnetic field therapy that made the biggest difference and had Bub on her feet and moving around.

Lil Bub is certainly able to eat well, just check this video of her Thanksgiving:

What Is a Perma Kitten?

The details on the exact cause of this condition are thin. It’s basically a condition and a term for genetic anomalies that cause cats to keep their kitten features and not grow to the size of a normal cat.

How Old Is Bub the Cat?

Lil Bub was discovered in July 2011. She was a few weeks old at the time, so at the time of writing this (March 2018) Lil Bub is coming up on 7 years old.

Where Does Bub the Cat Live?

Lil Bub lives with her owner Mike Bridavsky in Bloomington, Indiana, US. She has been all over the states however and often does meet and greets, appearances, and so on.

Warning! This might be one of the cutest videos you’ve ever seen:

What is Lil Bub’s Net Worth?

This is always a point of interest for people. Only Mike, his accountants, (and maybe Lil Bub) know for sure how much they are making and worth, but MSN Money estimates he makes about $30k per/yr from YouTube ad revenue.

Then there is the store selling all kinds of merchandise. Bub makes guest appearances, sponsors goods, and has had films and documentaries made about her.

All of which are probably ringing the cash register. It would be crazy to throw some numbers up and guestimate how much Bub and her owner are worth. But I think you get a good idea.

Why Is Lil Bub so Famous?

The pictures speak for themselves, right?

Lil Bub, for all her abnormalities, is one of the cutest cats on the planet. It’s kind of like taking some unfortunate circumstances and turning it into something good.

Her owner donates a lot of money to cat charities, shelters, and so on, and has raised a lot of awareness for cats in need. So there are various good things that have come out of her internet stardom.

Her videos have been seen by millions. This is one of the Lil Bub Christmas videos that has had almost 4 million views:

It’s just Bub hanging out in front of an open fire, but it’s heartwarming I’m sure you’ll agree.

She also has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, started out on Tumblr, has 600k+ followers on Google+, 600k+ followers on Twitter, and 3 million + likes on Facebook.

It’s quite the task keeping all of her social media profiles updated, answering fan mail and business inquiries, and so on, so it’s no surprise being Lil Bub’s owner has become a full-time business.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me but Not My Husband? (How to Change This Behavior)

Why Does My Cat Bite Me but Not My Husband

So you are trying to find out, why does my cat bite me but not my husband or partner?

Do you feel like your cat is singling you out for a nibble whether it’s playful or aggressive? Is it offending or confusing you?

I’ve seen, dealt with, and corrected this behavior before so I can help!

Some cats bite more than others. In fact, some cats just don’t bite at all. But it’s not the strangest of their behaviors, and you can often find out the reason why and do something to change it.

The first thing you need to do is find out why your cat is biting. Then we can figure out why your cat is biting you and not your husband.

I always start by looking at the following:

When Does Your Cat Bite You?

Does your cat always bite you at the same or similar times of the day? When you’re doing certain things, or is there anything else you can tie together to understand when it’s going to happen?

It sounds simple, but this is something you may have thought about in detail and not pieced together.

Are They Hungry?

I’m not suggesting your cat bites you because they are trying to eat you!

If it’s around feeding time then I think there is an obvious reason why your cat is biting you – they want to be fed.

As for why they bite you and not your husband will likely be because they associate you with being the one that feeds them or will react to this behavior.

They Want to Play?

Probably the most common reason for cats biting their owners is to get their attention so they can play.

If your cat is 3 years old or younger they are going to have a lot of energy to burn off and some cats are pushy enough to nip you to get your attention.

Just be careful when playing however. If they bite you when you’re playing with them make sure they know it’s not acceptable.

Is It Aggressive Biting?

There is a difference between aggressive biting and play biting. Do you have a male cat that has not been neutered showing aggression? Might be time for the snip, this can make a difference overnight.

Another reason is often that the cat is in pain for some reason. Cats are not good at vocalizing when they are in pain and hide it well, often lashing out. A trip to the vet for a checkup might be the answer.

Ways to Stop Your Cat Biting You

Finding out why your cat is biting you is half the solution, stopping them from biting is the part you’re probably more interested in, right?

There are some basic steps to take when stopping a cat from biting, these are:

Fix the Problem You Identified – If you’ve identified the issue from the advice I gave above, can you make the changes needed based on that information to stop them biting?

Make It Clear It’s Not Acceptable – Cats are aware when we use a sharp tone and give off negative vibes. A firm ‘NO’ will actually have some impact, although it will take some time for some cats to get the message.

Reward/Punish Behavior – Another thing almost all cats respond well to is being rewarded. When they do something right, give them a treat right away. Conversely, don’t treat, show affection, or play with them if they bite you.

Ignore Them – If your cat is biting your hands hide them and ignore your cat. As there is almost certainly an attention seeking aspect to their behavior ignoring them will force them to find attention somewhere else.

In Summary

There is a lot you can discover about your cat and their behavior by taking some time to study their body language and spend more time interacting with them.

If your cat is biting you but not your husband there will be a reason for this deliberate behavior that you can get to the bottom of. Some cats are the other way around, of course – they’ll favor your husband but not you!

Hopefully the above advice will help you with this issue. I’ve never met a cat that was biting and wasn’t able to be reformed, so that’s a positive to keep in mind!

Symptoms of Anxiety in Cats

symptoms of anxiety in cats

There are many symptoms of anxiety in cats that you need to be on the lookout for.  We often think of cats as lazy animals that spend their whole day napping in the sun.  With such a hard life, what could your cat possibly be stressed out about?

There are many situations that can indeed cause a lot of stress to your little friend, and knowing the symptoms can greatly help you aid your cat in stress relief.  It is normal for a cat to experience occasional stress such as stress when traveling in a car and anywhere else from home.

On the other hand, if your cat has constant anxiety and is always stressed out at home this can lead to some serious health issues.

What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety in Cats?

  • Hiding – If you notice your cat isn’t in his favorite room sun-tanning there may be an issue.  A cat will often hide due to intense feelings of anxiety.   A lot of these hiding places can be hard to reach or dark spaces that you probably haven’t seen him in before.
  • Aggression – Being aggressive is another sign of a heightened anxiety level.  Your cat may scratch or bite harder than normal while you are trying to play with him which shows agitation.  He might also attack your feet for no reason at all as you walk past him.  I definitely recall my own can doing this to me as I walked past him when he was under the coffee table.
  • Excessive Vocalization – Your cat may start meowing, or “meowning”, is what I call it.  This is similar to as if they are near another cat that they are hostile towards.  They will mix in a meow with a moan at the same time to cause it to sound like they are afraid and getting ready to attack.
  • Lethargy – We know cats are lazy, but has your cat been extra lazy lately?  Another big symptom of anxiety is when your cat’s energy levels are zero.
  • Vomiting – This symptom may be a hard one to spot since it is a generalized symptom for many illnesses.
  • Changes in Appetite or Weight – Out of nowhere your cat just stopped eating his favorite snacks and food.  This is not normal and is a big red flag.
  • Eliminating Outside the Litter Box – Anxiety can throw off normal patterns your cat has and going number 2  outside of his litter box is one of them.
  • Following You from Room to Room – Have you suddenly noticed your cat becoming overly attached?  This can be a sign of separation anxiety.
  • Destructive Behavior – Furniture scratching, spraying, and obnoxious meowing are all forms of destructive behavior.

What Causes Anxiety in Cats?

One form of stress can actually come from you the owner.  Changing physical and environmental factors in the house can cause an increase of anxiety in your cat.  Introducing a new member to the house as well as something simple like not changing the cat litter often enough.

Certain factors of a cat can contribute to even greater anxiety.  If your cat was abused or has been moved to several homes, they are more likely to suffer from anxiety than a cat that hasn’t been exposed to those elements.  Cats that were also not well taken care of in their younger years as a kitten may also contribute to heightened anxiety.

It is important for a cat to undergo many social activities before they reach 14 weeks in age.  Kittens that are kept isolated may grow up to be less social and more fearful of their surroundings.

The act of spaying or neutering a cat can also play a role in anxiety.  There have been studies to have found an increase in shyness in cats after this event, especially when it’s done at an early age.  Don’t let this change your idea about spaying or neutering a cat as they have their health benefits.  Another major factor to anxiety is genetics.  Some species of cats are just more prone to higher levels of anxiety than other types of cats.

What is Separation Anxiety In Cats?

A cat with separation anxiety will show distress and behavioral problems when they are separated from their owner or companion animals that they have bonded with.  A cat that suffers from separation anxiety will often follow their owner from room to room.  They will also try and hide when their owner prepares to leave the home.  If your animal develops this type of strong bond with you then it is very possible that they may be suffering from separation anxiety.

While you are away, your cat may refuse to eat, defecate outside the litter box, start destructive behavior, or even hide.  Once you return home, your cat might be overly enthusiastic when greeting you.  This is similar to a dog when they haven’t seen their owner all day.  Your cat might run up to your and instantly start purring while rubbing back and forth on your legs.  Cats that have a history of abandonment or frequent moves tend to be more prone to this type of anxiety.

If your cat exhibits this type of anxiety you can try getting another cat around the house.  If getting another cat is out of the question, then you will need to find some sort of item that will help divert his attention while you are gone.  You can try purchasing cat steps or various different interactive toys.

What Do I Do If My Cat Won’t Eat Because of Anxiety?

The first thing you can do is try a different cat food.  Purchase a few small cans of cat food from different brands and try each one.  Provide them to your cat at different times of the day.  If you usually feed your cat dry food try to change it up by introducing him to wet food.  You can even do what I like to do which is sprinkling dry food on top of the wet food.  My cat seems to love this kind of mixture although it can get a little pricey.  This may be enough to trigger your cat to start eating again.

Also remember to take it slow.  If your cat hasn’t been eating for awhile it may take them some time to get back to normal sized portions.  The stomach shrinks as food intake decreases.  Your cat’s stomach will have to slowly stretch out again if they haven’t been eating normal sized portions.

If your cat still will not eat their food you can try this method at a last resort. Try pouring tuna juice or chicken brother on the food to try and tempt your cat to try it.  Maybe even put some off limit food into his food to see if that will shake his appetite at all.

How to Treat Your Cat’s Anxiety

If your cat is showing signs of anxious behavior, go ahead and schedule a visit with your vet.  Your vet will first check your cat by doing a physical exam to rule out any other underlying conditions that can be causing this behavior.   If your cat is diagnosed with anxiety, your vet may prescribe medication to treat the issue.  The next thing your vet will recommend is how you can help alleviate your cat’s anxiety levels.

He may suggest that you work with a certified animal behaviorist.  Making changes to your routine or your cat’s environment can help relieve their anxiety.  For example, if your cat suffers from separation anxiety, provided distractions to your pet such as cat toys and snacks.

Try to provide a more stimulating environment at home for your cat.  Try adopting another kitten to help keep him company for times when you are gone.  Leaving a cat at home alone can cause a lot of anxiety in a cat.  You can also try to buy things that will help keep your cat busy.  A cat tree, such as this one from amazon, can also provide a better environment by encouraging physical activity.

Should I Discipline My Cat When He Gets Anxiety?

No.  You should never respond to an anxious cat in a negative manner.  You never want to yell or punish your cat.  Never punish your cat by locking them in a separate room from you.  Reacting this way will make the anxiety your cat is already suffering from even worse.  The best thing you can do for your cat at this time is to try and find out what the common issues are in the house that can be making him act the way he is.

A few things to keep in mind are if anyone new moved into your house recently.  Did you get a new pet?  Maybe you started spraying your house with a new air freshener.  The possibilities can be endless and some may sound dumb, but your cat’s mood can change from something as simple as a new roommate living with you.

How Do I Get an Anxious Cat out of Hiding?

Try using toys or your cat’s favorite snack to encourage him to come out of hiding.  Different places he can be hiding may be from under the couch, under the bed, the basement, behind the refrigerator, and even the garage.  Only you would know your cat the best.  He may also be hiding in his favorite places around the house so be sure to check all of those as well.  Once you have located your cat the next step is to lure him out.  Place toys or treats near his place of hiding to try and lure him out.

Once he comes out for the treats or toys go ahead and secure him.  Try to find out what is triggering this behavior in your cat and address it so it doesn’t happen again.  Sometimes finding out what triggered your cat isn’t easy so be sure to pay close attention to his behavior.

How to Create a Calming Situation For Your Cat to Relax

Your cat may just need to relax in order to calm down.  Here is how you can create a calmer environment for your cat.

  • Give your cat as much time as they need in order to calm down.  Don’t yell or get frustrated with your cat.
  • Take him to a quiet place where he can be alone.  An empty bedroom often works well for this.
  • Try to keep your cat on a daily routine.  Keeping a routine will help alleviate stress in your cat by keeping surprises to a minimum.
  • Cat’s mark their territory with scent.  Do not fully clean areas that your cat resides in.  Perform “spot cleaning” instead.  This will help keep your cat’s scent in tact.  Familiar scents are shown to keep cats in a more calm state.
  • Try a few cat treats as well as his giving him his favorite cat toy.  Surround him with objects that may have his scent to stimulate a calm environment.

How Can I Control Destructive Behavior From My Cat’s Anxiety?

If you are having issues with your cat scratching your house, provide your cat with a cat scratch post.  Instead of your cat clawing away at the carpet or walls, they can use the scratching post.  This may take your cat some getting used to.  Simply introduce the scratch post to your cat everyday to remind them to use it.

If you are having problems with your cat spraying in the house  You should immediately take them to the vet to see if they are suffering from any medical issues such as cystitis.  You may also want to look into getting your cat spayed or neutered.  If your cat does not have an underlying medical issues you will need to narrow down what may be causing your cats stress.

If your cat is being very vocal, the first step to do is not acknowledge it.  Simply withdraw any attention you were giving your cat.  This will signal to your cat that what they are doing will not produce any positive reactions.  The worst thing you can do to an over vocalized cat is respond with any type of attention or reaction.

Final Thoughts

Not knowing the root cause of your cat’s stress and anxiety can be daunting at first.  If you take the time and effort to really dive into what is triggering your cat then you will be able to act accordingly.  Helping your cat live a stress free life will contribute to his overall health and well being.